Thought I had my final project finished. But noooo…

I’ve been spending the past… I don’t know how many days… working on my final project for one of my classes. I originally thought I had less than a half hour of work left to do yesterday, which was good because I was trying not to do everything at the last minute. Basically, I just had to make some aesthetic edits and add a small bit of information. But then that turned into me re-doing other things and then getting last minute ideas of adding new sections altogether. So I ended up staying awake until about 3 A.M. last night completing it. I missed the shindig at Fletcher’s (the downstairs part is turning into more of a restaurant and so there was a “final party”). But I didn’t mind all that much because I was doing something productive in its place.

But then my teacher canceled our class tonight because of the snow. The college isn’t closed, but my class isn’t happening. And because of not having class tonight, she says she doesn’t want to us be completely off the hook. So she gave us all this other stuff we have to add to the final project that will be due next week. I thought I was done and now I’m not. Oh well. There are worse fates.

I would have rather had class to be honest with you, haha.


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