Volcano dream

Often times when I am sick and/or medicated, I have these random but lucid dreams. They completely make sense and feel real while I’m dreaming. But when I awake, I’m like “What?!”

This past weekend, I had a dream that I was in the Pacific Northwest. I believe I was in Washington, near Seattle. I was there with my mother  and we were in seeing distance from some beautiful mountains. The landscape looked unbelievably gorgeous. The colors in my dream were beautiful. We were enjoying our peaceful walk and talk through nature when suddenly, lava rapidly poured out and we realized that we were near a volcano. Although we were about a mile or two away from the volcano, it almost got to us and killed us within seconds because it was coming out at an usually fast rate. We had to run out of there and the lava spread through much of the nearby town and injured hundreds of people and caused a lot of destruction. We just narrowingly avoided being melted alive. Scary.

The next thing I remember was that we went to a restaurant and we saw a friend of mine with his parents dining there. This friend is coming back to Baltimore in real life, but not until next month. Well, in my dream I saw him and he was sort of in hiding in the restaurant. But then I went up to him to talk to him and he and his family were happy to see me and in a good mood. We were chatting and I asked him what he was doing there because I thought he wasn’t coming back for another couple weeks. He said not to tell anyone and that no one else knew. And that he was laying low and not letting anyone else know he was in town. He told me not to take it personally that he didn’t call me when he first came back to town, as his MySpace profile even said the former city as his current location.

The thing is, I wasn’t medicated or suffering an illness when I had this dream. But it was still like one of my “sick dreams”. Weird.


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