An emo kid makes a funny (not depressing) picture

A friend of a friend “found this online”. Who knows who actually made this. But it’s too funny.

(Just for the record – I did not make this! I would not fantasize about this. And if I did, I would not make an image of it. And I would use a better program than MS Paint – I’m just guessing it was made with that, haha).

Here’s Brandon again:
Brandon Thomas, Benji Madden, and Chris Cosgrove. 2000. The Vault (Baltimore, MD)

-Brandon Thomas was Brandon Fogle back then. Benji Madden was Benji Combs back then. Chris was better known as Kahz.
-Brandon was in Margret Heater. Benji was and still is in Good Charlotte. (They hadn’t released their major label album yet). Chris was in Jepetto.
-Brandon later fronted Bleed the Dream and is now the lead singer of Phantom Communique. Good Charlotte is famous now. Chris is a professional roadie for major label bands such as Dashboard Confessional.
-The Vault closed down a couple years ago and is now a pool hall.

I remember this show like it was just a few months ago. But then when I look at this picture and see how much younger they look and how much less ink they have, it feels longer. Also, when I think about how much things have changed since then, I realize it was over seven years ago. I was in high school. Oh, to be young and ignorant again.


2 Comments to “An emo kid makes a funny (not depressing) picture”

  1. the vault was a nice spot. they served me in my younger days.

  2. I have good memories. But the last couple years that place got worse. And the sound system was bad. But still… good memories! 🙂

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