Thanksgiving yesterday

I helped my mother prepare the feast. Her cooking is the best – no offense to anyone else. Whenever I eat anyone else’s Thanksgiving leftovers, while it may be good, I just think about how much better my mom’s cooking is compared to theirs. I can’t help it!

My samchoon/sungmo/and cousins came over. (Samchoon is the Korean word for Uncle. Sungmo is the Korean word for Aunt. By the way, Emo is the word for maternal aunt).  It was really good to see them. It’s crazy how much older the three of my cousins have become. The oldest is 17 and in her senior year of high school in the magnet program of Towson High Law and Public Policy. She’s figuring out which colleges to attend. She scored an 800 on the Math portion of her SATs. For those of you who are unaware, 800 is the highest you can get in each the math and verbal portions (which is why 1600 is a perfect score). I remember as if it wasn’t that long ago when she was three years old and she was solving Algebra problems and fully understanding it. 

Now you know why I say I suck at math. Sure, I’m better than most people in America. But compared to my mom’s side of the family, I’m horrible. My mother and brother were exceptional at math. Yes, I may have gotten good grades in it. I even took A/P Statistics my senior year of high school. But it did not come easily to me. Unlike English or Social Studies, I actually have to try at Math and study hard. I actually blame part of it on the bad Baltimore County Public School System because I know they teach completely differently than they do in Dayton, Ohio. But that’s something to get into another time.

Now, back to Kathy. What I love is that she isn’t going to college for anything math or law related. She’s applying to art schools! This is the best! My family is composed of these book smart people who are passionate about the arts (music or visual arts). And we are so stereotypically Asian in this sense haha! I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. But it is what it is.

Last night, I went to see gODHEAD play an acoustic set at Fletcher’s. It was a good show. There weren’t that many people there at all. I think a lot of people were just lethargic after the Thanksgiving meal. Or else they were one of the crazies who were standing in line to shop for Black Friday.  Plus, there I’m guessing a lot of people were out of town. But I had fun because the people who were there were awesome and the music was good.


7 Comments to “Thanksgiving yesterday”

  1. You know koreans definitely love the arts i must say. I don’t think that its a over all asian thing though.

  2. Right. Well you know how silly stereotypes can be. People like to blanket it and apply it to everyone within a certain category.
    Do you know that not everyone even realizes that countries like India are a part of Asia?
    Good to hear from you, btw. I’ve missed you. But I understand that you have a life and actually are doing other things than just posting on lj lately, hehehehe.

  3. Thanks : ) You know sometimes I just don’t feel like posting for whatever reason.

  4. I feel ya. I get like that, too. I’ll post 20 times in one month, and then another month, I will only post twice.

  5. I am really bad at math, I am almost completely right-brained. I struggled and studied hard in college with statistics. A perfect SAT score in math is crazy, I know a few people who got that and I am in awe! It was great seeing you last night and there are pics on Karah’s and my Myspace pages.

  6. Yeah, a perfect score is crazy to think about! That means these people set the curve for everyone else.
    It was great to see you last night! You seemed like you were having fun! And a certain someone seemed to like you, missy. Hehehe. 😉

  7. HAHAHAHA He just wants to fuck, like most guys!

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