Going in circles with recording

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been recording two different songs. I thought I was almost done with one of the songs. Most of Saturday and Sunday was spent recording the vocals (after the first verse and first chorus, which I already had finished). I spent time re-recording the instrumentals for the bridge to make it sound tighter.
I estimated that I was about 75% finished with the song. I was getting happy because I thought that I would have one song finished soon. But guess what happened? I was listening to the song today and it hit me that the vocals aren’t quite right after the first chorus. They’re off-key. I mean, when I play just the vocals by themselves back they sound fine. And the instrumentals by themselves sound fine. But put together, they don’t fit well enough. And I also realized the bridge sucks. So I’ve been working on a new bridge. And trying to figure out why the vocals don’t match when it’s pretty much the same melody as the first verse. Hmmm.
I am further away from finishing this song than I was before this weekend. I know I don’t have any type of deadline but it still kind of sucks. Oh well.

I’m taking the next couple days off from recording. At least I’m going to try not to record. I tell myself I’m not going to but I end up doing it anyway because I can’t help it. But maybe this time I actually will. I’m sick of hearing myself. And I have a project for school I should be working on more.


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