T-shirts for Asian-Americans!

Stanley Kubrick was arguably one of the most amazing directors of American film. It wasn’t his fault that the screenplay of Full Metal Jacket created the hellspawn of 2LiveCrew samples. In the movie, Matthew Modine’s character is sitting at a GI bar in Vietnam, and a prostitute comes up to him and says the now famous line, “Me so horny. Me love you long time.” Luke and the Crew made it a household phrase. This shirt confronts the notion of the submissive lotus flower sex slave dragon lady and also applies to the human sex trade of women and young girls still going on, largely concentrated in Southeast Asia. Available in a charming military green. Wear this shirt and tell ’em you refuse to be their jade blossom.

Written and Designed by: Phloe


4 Comments to “ T-shirts for Asian-Americans!”

  1. I loved this and I forwarded it to a friend, although I don’t think she “got it.”

  2. Well, at least I’m not the only one who likes this. 🙂
    What didn’t she get? Oh well. You tried.

  3. Eh, she’s kinda straight off the boat Thai. She’s smart, but I don’t think she knew what it meant. You know those slanty-eyed types are worse than Jews. I mean….uhhh….*runs away*

  4. MAYBE she never heard the saying before?!?!?!?!?! Now that’s a crazy thing to think about.

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