Everything goes downhill after Halloween

October is a fun month for me. It’s fall – the weather is nice. It’s my birthday month and the time of year when we celebrate Halloween. But it seems to go downhill from there. The clocks go back to the correct time, which sucks! We extended daylight savings and we’ve only been dealing with the time change for a couple days now but I’m already feeling the effects. I do not like it.
The weather gets cold. Even if I am in a good mood and want to go out and be social, hardly anyone else does. So I’ll go out but won’t see too many other people. The December holidays come and mayhem occurs. I don’t like it.

The main good thing will be New Years. Other than that, it will all suck until Spring of next year.

Maybe this is a good thing, though. I will just focus even more on my music and studies. Okay, this time of year isn’t a good thing. But I’m just trying to stay positive and see the good aspects.

I was even considering getting a second job (seasonal and part-time) since stuff will suck anyway. But I don’t know for sure if I want to work retail at the worst time of year to do so.


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