Smokin’ in the girls’ room

Earlier today, I was in one of the women’s bathrooms here at my job. It was obvious that someone before me was in there smoking a cigarette. Of course, smoking is not allowed here at work indoors. But it is allowed outside. Lots of employees here do it all the time. It’s not really cold outside and there is no precipitation. And there are places she could even sort of hide if she didn’t want to risk someone finding out she was a smoker. So why would a grown woman be smoking inside a women’s bathroom, especially at work – where she could put her job at risk?

To make matters worse, she tried to cover it up with perfume. I mean, come on. It doesn’t cover up the smell. It just makes it smell like a combination of stale cigarette smoke mixed with the perfume. It would have smelled a lot better if it was just the cigarette smoke.

I wasn’t even mad about this. I was more confused than anything.

Can I also just say that the auto-save thing LJ has rocks. The power went out while I was typing this, but all was not lost. 🙂 Yay.


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