Halloween the other night

I had a lot of fun Wednesday night!

I arrived at school after work and saw only one other person dressed up on campus. Well, it might have been three other people total. There was someone walking around in scrubs, but he could have actually been a doctor going to class after school. And the other one – I’m not really sure what she was supposed to be and she actually could have just been someone who didn’t know how to dress. So those two may or may not have been costumes. But anyway, it was funny because people were looking at me like I was weird and I’m thinking “It’s Halloween, people”. It was just odd, especially coming from work – where only one other person dressed up.

My teacher let us out of class early. That rocked. Thank G-d for that. And for the first time, I got almost rock star parking on campus, which was good since I needed to go back to my car to get my clothing to change into. The bathroom was actually the cleanest I think it’s ever been at that time of day. So I got ready in the bathroom.

It’s a really good thing class didn’t last as long as scheduled because Phantom Communique went on earlier than they originally were scheduled, which means I would’ve driven down to Naptown to discover I was too late. I would have been pissed if I missed seeing them play, especially because they won’t have any shows for a while. Of course, their set rocked. They are on their way to L.A. as we speak to record their new album, so good luck to them. Not that they need it.
There were several people I saw that night who I hadn’t seen in a while. That was cool. And I had some decent conversations with people, even if alcohol was involved. The music and crowd were good and I wasn’t aware of any stupid drama b.s.  happening. I danced and head banged like an idiot with other dancin’ maniacs, which was good times! There were good vibes that night. I had this awesome feeling inside me in the way I used to feel a few years back at shows when the Baltimore local music scene used to be so amazing and I hardly thought about moving or how much people annoyed me. I wish it could be like that all the time again. But I can’t live in the past, I have to just try to make the best of the present and the future. It was still bittersweet in that sense, though.

Since the show was one of the few Halloween events with that many people which didn’t have a costume contest, here are the awards I would have given out if it were up to me:

Best Costume Female:
1st Prize: Kelly Wheatley – Jessica Rabbit. This is not an easy thing to pull off and she pulled it off perfectly.
Runner-up:  Holly – Foxy Lady.  Most people with afro wigs look ridiculous but this was great.
Honorable Mention: Jamie Murder – ’40s pinup girl. She actually looked like one and I didn’t even recognize her at first. A lot of girls try to pull of this look but don’t have the curves they had back then. Jamie has the body. Kudos to her for being sexy but not slutty. Classy!

Best Costume Male:
1st Prize: Billy Fisher – Yo Boy. He pulled it off so well, it was scary. He was in character, too. I hope it was just acting anyway.
Runner-up: Guy I don’t know – Sailor Moon.
Honorable Mention: Aaron Cohan – 80s cock-rocker. He went into character and acted like an 80s sleezebag. It was convincing and funny.

(Yeah, I know. I’m following the stereotype that girls have to be in sexy costumes and guys have to be in funny ones. That’s not how I feel. These just happen to be what I thought were the best ones. So 😛 ).

I dressed up like a beer wench. Hopefully, someone will send me pictures from that night.


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