Happy Halloween!

I work in a building with over 100 employees. And I’ve only spotted one other person besides myself who dressed up for Halloween. Well, there are a couple people who are wearing orange sweaters. I’m just wearing pigtails and bunny ears right now, so I wouldn’t really call that “dressed up”, but it is compared to my co-workers. I’m on my lunch break and eating carrots. Carrots + bunny ears = funny. I didn’t even realize it at first; it’s just a coincidence.
My real costume will be changed into after my class tonight. It is too revealing to wear at work and I don’t have time to change into it before class. Hopefully, someone will snap a picture of me in my costume so you can see. Changing at school won’t be the best because the bathrooms get pretty gross by the time the evening comes. They need to get cleaning people to come in during the middle of the day or at least before the evening classes. But anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
(Two people in my department [Accounts Receivable] didn’t come in to work today and one just left home early because she wasn’t feeling well. I guess they aren’t having good days).

Post script (3:17 PM) – Another co-worker in my department went home early.


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