People who steal band gear

People who steal band gear have to be some of the lowest forms of human life. Don’t like they have a conscious at all? It’s bad enough to steal someone’s stuff in the first place. But when you steal someone’s heart and soul, it’s even worse. Lots of bands have had to break up or cancel tours because of this crap. It takes some people years to be able to save up and get the equipment and instruments and now they can’t do what they love the most until they can save up all over again. And sometimes, they can’t buy the same thing anymore because it no longer is being made.
I’ve been hearing these stories for years about how people get their stuff stolen, but it seems like I’ve been hearing about it much more often in recent months.


2 Comments to “People who steal band gear”

  1. Sorry I missed your performance last night. (What do you call that anyway? Is it also considered a “set” in the comedy world?)
    Hope it went well! I had my four hour monster class last night so there was no way to make it. Boo.

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