Knocked my mid-terms out

I had mid-terms this week and I punched them in the face! I met the instructor of one of my classes for the first time because the class was online.  She was cool. A lot of the times, I finished assignments weeks before they were actually due and did well on them. So she said she was going to give me the option of skipping the mid-term and just taking the final if I wanted. I did it and I got an A. Yeahhh, boyyyy. One class finished and aced.
This gives me more time to focus on my four-hour class. I have a lot of work to do in it and and I need to start working on my portfolio. I haven’t even started yet. It’s not due until the end of the semester, but we’re supposed to be working on it all semester long and there’s a lot to do. I’m almost positive I aced the mid-term for it. I just need to keep acing everything else.


4 Comments to “Knocked my mid-terms out”

  1. What kind of class do you need a portfolio for ?

  2. Discipline, I tell ya, Discipline!!!!
    Gosh, I’m starting to sound like my dad, I am getting old. Anyways Congrats on your final. I think I’m getting social networking fatigue!!!! Keep up the great work, gotta credit them Asian genes LOL

  3. Re: Discipline, I tell ya, Discipline!!!!

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