Thisclose to posting up Built By Blood video on You Tube

I finally watched video of the entire performance of last Monday’s show. Adam taped it. And he came over last night because the house is having minor some electricity issues, so he brought his camera with him to show me after he helped us with the problem. We ended up saving the whole thing to my computer.
The sound is actually pretty good considering it’s recorded from the audience and not from the sound board. I guess that’s an advantage of having only three members and not being super loud.  You can actually hear my keyboards, which rarely happens at a show. Not only can you hear me, but I actually think the keyboards are too loud! (in the first song, “Emotion Regression”. But it’s better afterward). Who would have ever thought I’d say that in this lifetime? But we really could have heard more Keith. Still, I think it is pretty good overall.
There are some amusing parts Adam taped before and after the show. Brandon and I share a secret ninja moment after our set and we didn’t know the camera was still rolling at that point haha. Maybe I’ll post it. At the afterparty downstairs, Keith was drunk dancing/singing to Danzig (what else is new) with Billy Fisher of A Freudian Slip and some other people and Adam got that on tape. I love it.  He recorded a couple Phantom Communique songs. And there’s footage of Keith in the audience having fun during their set.
Adam was recording before we went on and there are a ton of people having different conversations. And what’s amusing is that I keep hearing Teresa blah blah blah Teresa blah Teresa. The “Teresa”s were coming from different voices. I couldn’t hear what any of them were actually saying about me because I can’t make out each individual conversation since it’s a bunch of people talking on top of each other. But I think we all hear our own names – whether intentional or not – better than anything else, even when we don’t try. There are even some people talking about me between songs, but I don’t know what they’re saying then, either. Someone does say  something like “Give that to Teresa” or  “Save one for Teresa” but I don’t know what they were talking about. I’m sure there are more people saying “Brandon” and “Keith” but I just don’t have an ear for their names, haha.
Anyway, I am thisclose to having “Emotion Regression” posted and put on You Tube. Some random person from the Philippines who doesn’t even use their account took the username “cherryteresa”, so I’m figuring out what to make my name. I think I’ll do “CherryTeresaDotCom”, even though that’s kind of lame. But I can’t use – or _.  Any other suggestions for a username?

I have mid-terms this week. I can’t believe it’s time for that already.


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