Maybe I’ll do the exact opposite of what I think I should

Perhaps George Castanza wasn’t so foolish after all.  He did the exact opposite of what his head told him to do in one episode of Seinfeld and he ended up getting a job at the Yankees and dating some hot babe. Sure, it was fiction but maybe the idea wasn’t completely crazy.

Maybe I should start doing something more risky. Playing it safe all the time has just proven to be a dangerous thing for my sanity. WTF am I doing with my life? And why do I care so much about whether or not I hurt other people? Most of them don’t give a damn about my feelings. Everyone else seems to feel that the end justifies the means in life, so maybe I’m the crazy one. Maybe I’m the one who needs to change. Maybe I need to stop thinking about what bad things might happen if I take a risk and focus on the good things that will probably actually happen if I do that. Is it better to regret doing something than to regret not doing something? Perhaps I should be more spontaneous and stop trying to plan every little thing in my life out beforehand.

I recently did something that my head told me might be a bad idea, but it ended up being amazing. Actually, some of the best things I’ve done in my life have been things that I originally was uneasy about. Logically, I thought they were bad ideas but my gut told me I should give it a chance. I did and it was awesome!

And I think I need to maybe start listening to Dr. Drew and all the other psychologists for a change… and realize that when you just date the “same guy” over and over again, you are never going to find happiness. I’m not talking about the actual same guy, but just guys who all have the same personality traits and stuff. I always go for the nice guys, which seems logical but it never works out. So maybe I just need to date an asshole. Yeah, that seems stupid. But I keep dating guys that bore the hell out of me. And they don’t seem to have much going on in their brains. Sorry. But don’t we all know that the most creative, intelligent people are usually “crazy”? If I’m going to be screwed over in the end anyway, it might as well be fun while it lasts.

My head is telling me not to post this because it’s going to piss off some people. So that means I’ll post it. hahhahahahahhaah!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 Comments to “Maybe I’ll do the exact opposite of what I think I should”

  1. Maybe I’ll do… comment
    There are guys who ARE nice AND intelligent AND fun AND long lasting (not a Viagra joke…I mean…committed and loyal). So don’t go to extremes…especially if you’re one of the few not naturally attracted to the “bad boys”…for they truly are assholes…and it’s better to bored than abused. Good luck…well…the lucky one would be the guy who “gets” you and therefore gets you. 2 kudos…wait…where am I? Take care, Ric of CCBC

  2. Re: Maybe I’ll do… comment
    That’s what I used to think but where are they?

  3. Go for it!
    I say you’re young enough to take the risks – you have plenty of time to turn things around if they don’t work out. You may as well go for it all – nothing in life worth having comes without risk! Good luck!

  4. I don’t know…
    I’ve been trying to figure out my mind, for a long time. I’ve taken alot of risks and I’m not sure if/when I was happiest. But, I’m also not sure if we’re ‘here’ to be happy or that’s just an inadvertency that happens when you least expect it.
    I’ve found myself happy when I did the right thing, and I’ve felt a ‘high’ when I did the risky thing. The risky thing usually made me feel even crazier – spiraling into therapy.
    I say, take care of yourself and take calculated risks. You know you have to eat, work and be able to take care of yourself. If you have all of your needs taken care of, I say, take all of the risks your life allows you to; I would advise differently if you were 18 – I would then say, go for it, horns out!
    Sometimes risks have very negative outcomes, too! Ever ‘wanted’ to gamble $20k or sleep with someone you know you shouldn’t have. Well, if you acted on that impulse and took a chance, and lost or fumbled your dignity, you’d be miserable and possibly suicidal.
    So, there’s balance in all of it.
    Your inner voice will guide you, if you listen for it. But, your ID will certainly tempt the shit out of you; luckily, they sound/feel different. On the flipside, you do have to take your ID for a walk, from time-to-time, or you’ll lose control when you do tap in…

  5. Re: I don’t know…

  6. What I don’t understand is why would you date someone that bores you ? I could never do that. I mena even more than the physical attractiveness is the intellectual attractiveness. Hell if someone liked too much corny music I wouldn’t date them…
    But don’t go to the assholes either, just find a cool interesting dude to date.

  7. My 2 cents
    From my experience I dated the same people, then I thought I’d go the other way. Now that I’m a little older and wiser, I came to the conclusion that in order for me to date the person that’ll make me happy, I have to become that person first, then the like energy will attract one another, by doing that I’m happier now, a lot less drama, a lot less roller coaster rides. I leave the roller coaster rides to the amusement parks and leave the drama to the idiot box (TV, in case you don’t understand 80’s expressions, oops I’m dating myself, NM)

  8. Another Dating Tip
    Lotta girls here ask me to introduce them to somebody (very common thing in Asia). So my tip to them was simple, go where the fish are!!!!! For example, if you want tuna, go to the water that has tuna, if you want salmon, etc, you get the pic.
    For dudes, I tell them, if you wanna meet women, find out what women like to do in Korea, for example, the most common complaint I hear from women is lack of male dance partners (or ones that aren’t 50plus), so I tell them to join a salsa club.
    For women, dudes like sports, join a sports club where the competition will be less fierce, and I tell both sexes DO NOT JOIN A PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB, it’s too even and normally couples join together.
    Boy, I tell you, if you want something in life, you gotta research it and make it a priority (learned priority training from weight training, meaning you make your weakest body part your priority). I tell you these people are so dang lazy!!!! And lack discipline, LOL

  9. Re: My 2 cents
    Yeah, a lot of people don’t work on themselves first and expect a significant other to change that for them and make their lives good. But they don’t realize that there’s really nothing for anyone else to be attracted to, other than looks maybe. But if they just like you for your looks, chances are they’re just using you for a one night stand.

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