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October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I work in a building with over 100 employees. And I’ve only spotted one other person besides myself who dressed up for Halloween. Well, there are a couple people who are wearing orange sweaters. I’m just wearing pigtails and bunny ears right now, so I wouldn’t really call that “dressed up”, but it is compared to my co-workers. I’m on my lunch break and eating carrots. Carrots + bunny ears = funny. I didn’t even realize it at first; it’s just a coincidence.
My real costume will be changed into after my class tonight. It is too revealing to wear at work and I don’t have time to change into it before class. Hopefully, someone will snap a picture of me in my costume so you can see. Changing at school won’t be the best because the bathrooms get pretty gross by the time the evening comes. They need to get cleaning people to come in during the middle of the day or at least before the evening classes. But anyway, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
(Two people in my department [Accounts Receivable] didn’t come in to work today and one just left home early because she wasn’t feeling well. I guess they aren’t having good days).

Post script (3:17 PM) – Another co-worker in my department went home early.

October 30, 2007

My Halloween plans for tomorrow night

It’s gonna be hard because I have work for 8 hours, school for 4 hours, and the drive to and from Naptown. I’m going to come home late, get a little sleep, and then try to go to work for another 8 hours the next day. I know I’m going to be super tired, but I’m gonna do it! 🙂

October 30, 2007

I’d rather listen to Puff Daddy

I don’t like the use of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” in Kanye West’s song “Stronger”. I don’t generally have a problem with people using samples. But it’s just him rapping on top of an already good song. I wanted to like it when I first heard it. I was like “Cool, he’s using an ‘underground’ song that I like”.  But it was hard for me to even listen to the whole song the first time. I was like “Is it finished yet”? I think the song is too intricate to just rap on top of it. It just doesn’t mesh well together in my opinion. I think that there can be an actual art form of using samples and it can show some creativity on how you re-arrange an existing song to fit into your song and personality. But this isn’t the case. 

I thought Puff Daddy was bad enough with just rapping on top of songs and barely changing the original track, but I think I’d rather listen to that than “Stronger”. Well, maybe.

Plus, I’m sorry. I liked Kanye at first, but he just annoys me now. We get it, Mr. West. You went to college for a year and dropped out. You are so freaking smart. You are an intelligent rapper who took a risk. Big woop dee doo. All your album titles refer to this. Now that you released “Graduation”, what are you going to do next? “Post-graduate”? “Alma Mater”? “Honorary Degree”? How about “Student Loan Debt”?

He seems like a pompous, uptight jerk. I realize that many artists whose work I like may not necessarily be people I would be friends with. But his cockiness is harder for me to ignore and is overdone in his performances. And this is coming from me, who has musician friends that other people consider to be arrogant. So it’s pretty bad if this dude annoys me. He is sort of starting to remind me of Scott Stapp. I saw Kanye on Oprah a year or two ago and he bothered me then. When Oprah questioned him about his attitude, I laughed.

He did make fun of himself on SNL for his temper tantrums at awards shows. But he didn’t seem earnest about it. I think it was the writers’ idea to do it and he just agreed so that he could get a chance to act.

He has some good songs. But he needs to just chill out and get over himself.

October 29, 2007

I met a hot mac geek…

…I’m talking about the computer, not the cosmetics.

I stood in line for the release of Leopard Friday after work. I did not realize there was going to be a line wrapped around the railing in front of the Towson store. I didn’t buy Leopard because (as I’ve mentioned before) I’m buying a computer in a few months that will come preloaded with it. But I wanted to check it out and I wanted my free shirt!

While I was in front of the store waiting to get in, I started talking to a hot guy who seemed nice. He was also there for the free shirt. He bought the iPhone the evening it came out. He has more Apple stuff than I do. He seemed to have a good personality. Why don’t I meet guys like him more often? Oh, that’s right. Because I hang out in “the scene”.   I did not get his contact information. And it dawned on me later that my internet dweeb-ness would not be such a bad thing. I mean, if he is tech savvy, then chances are he has a myspace/facebook/friendster/.mac/ichat/aim/livejournal/blogger/trig/etc. account, right?! At least one of those. Oh well. Someone that cool is most likely taken and plus I didn’t look so good as I wasn’t feel well and just came from work.
I will probably never see him again. Well, maybe he’ll be at the next “stand in line” event Apple has. Haha.

By the way, the shirt I have looks decent on me.  I didn’t know it was going to be as nice as it was. I thought it might be a white t-shirt that was made so cheaply, it was see-through. But it’s not a super cheap shirt. I realize I’m going to be a free walking advertisement for Apple now. But I make an exception for them.

October 24, 2007

My birthday is tomorrow

I’ll be another year older tomorrow. I need a new computer. Please buy me one as a birthday gift. It has to be Apple. (Do not argue with me, it does). I want one of the new iMacs. I’ll take the cheapest iMac model. I don’t even need a MacPro. Just an iMac. Please. PLEASE? PLEASE!
My musical recordings are suffering with the computer I have now.

Or you could come hang out with me at the downstairs portion of Fletcher’s for Vain. It is the final Vain. It’s free. And I’ll be there. You can attend it and that’ll be your gift to me.

You can do one or the other for me. You decide.

October 23, 2007

Thank you Delia*s for taking more of my money

I ordered these online and should be getting them in about ten days. I hope they fit!

October 22, 2007

Guitar Center and Delia*s took my money this weekend

Some of what I bought this weekend:

Was included with this —–>

Mine’s red.

I did not go out Friday or Saturday night. I was just in my productive mode with music. I spent most of my weekend figuring out Cubase LE and Ableton Live Lite and recording some music. I’m in the very beginning stages but I’m finally getting to record some solo music again. It’s been since I was 19 and I’m turning 26 on Thursday, so you do the math haha. But this time it’s D.I.Y.
I remember being a scared teenager and driving to the studio in Annapolis. I had no idea what I was doing and I remember Dave Benischek (who was producing my song) telling me “You need to act more confident! Even if you aren’t truly confident, just pretend you are and then eventually you will be!” That was actually good advice that I still use. Haha, that was like a hundred years ago. But at the same time, it feels like just a few months ago.
I’ve definitely gotten much better with being comfortable in the studio, no problem. I haven’t worried about my parts over a studio date since then. But that was in real studios with producers. I’m going to have to go through some growing pains with recording it myself. I’m looking forward to learning, though.

I ended up stopping by Guitar Center Saturday afternoon for what was going to be a quick visit that ended up lasting a few hours haha. I ran into some people and was talking  for a whhhiille to one of the guys who works there. I’m considering getting a drum machine I was messing with there but I’m not sure yet.

Maybe I’ll go see Eleven54 at Fletcher’s tonight… if I can tear myself away from my music for a few hours. We’ll see.

October 18, 2007

Maybe I should play the number 26 in something

Because I am that much of a dork, I am excited about this. Not only is Leopard coming out on October 26th, which is soon, but I am also happy that it is the day after my 26th birthday.
October 18, 2007

Full “Broken Wings” (Live) Video

I just got Cubase LE installed on my computer, so expect some new solo mp3s to be posted on my page in the not-so-distant future.

(Note: If you happen to be reading this entry in the future, then “Broken Wings” may not come up first in the video. You might have to find it in the menu).

October 14, 2007

People who steal band gear

People who steal band gear have to be some of the lowest forms of human life. Don’t like they have a conscious at all? It’s bad enough to steal someone’s stuff in the first place. But when you steal someone’s heart and soul, it’s even worse. Lots of bands have had to break up or cancel tours because of this crap. It takes some people years to be able to save up and get the equipment and instruments and now they can’t do what they love the most until they can save up all over again. And sometimes, they can’t buy the same thing anymore because it no longer is being made.
I’ve been hearing these stories for years about how people get their stuff stolen, but it seems like I’ve been hearing about it much more often in recent months.