Crossing the line

Some pathetic person(s) thinks they’re being really funny and clever. They think playing a joke on a deceased person and their friends/family is good times. Someone is signing onto Mike Q’s screen name on AIM. It’s not Mike’s dad. Mike did not save any passwords onto his computer and his dad did not know any of his passwords. And you can tell when you look at info and capabilities that it’s not from Mike’s computer. It’s not a mobile phone, either. Mike’s dad has no idea who is doing it. (A friend of mine talked to him about it). He and I both also noticed that someone added a status message to Mike’s MySpace profile that was not there before. “Mr. Q is in a bittersweet situation”. I guess they thought that’s a cute thing to write about someone who is dead.
I know you can hack into someone’s profile and change the html to delete or add the status box if you want. But what I want to know is this: why is it that I specifically looked for him many times on my friends status updates and I know I did not see Mike on there anywhere. Then a day or two after the status box was added to his profile, I looked again and saw that his name and status update showed up as being the Friday before he died.
The person on his screen name does not answer when you IM them, even if you are being nice. At first I thought maybe it was Mike’s dad wanting to talk to his friends. I figured maybe he wanted to tell his close friends information that he did not want to make public or maybe he just wanted to talk to us for other reasons. But this person never answers anyone and of course now I know it’s not Mike’s family.
Another friend of mine got an invite to join facebook from Mike Q’s account yesterday. No one has signed onto his facebook, though. The reason I know this is because Mike sent me a poke and I sent one back to him. I hit the poke button yesterday just to see what it would say. And it said I can’t send a poke because Mike hasn’t logged on since I sent the last one, which is from before he died.


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