Dreams About School

Most of the Baltimore area public school and college students are back in school this week, including myself. So, here are some re-occurring dreams I’ve had throughout the years about school. I remember little about school or my classmates compared to most people. But for some reason, I keep having these general dreams.

Elementary-Middle School:

  • The naked dreams: I showed up to class naked. At the time, I thought I was weird and didn’t realize just about everyone has this dream.
  • The I’m wearing something you shouldn’t wear in public dreams: I would accidentally show up to an “important” social event (roller skating party or dance) wearing something ridiculous. This would be a big event that I was looking forward to and/or nervous about. I’d wear my ugly clothes that I wore around the house. I’m not talking about cute pajamas. I mean, old beat up clothes that I wear when I’m dying my hair or stuff that looks horrible but it doesn’t matter because no one else will see, such as see-through short shorts my relatives bought me. Sometimes I’d even have rollers in my hair but didn’t realize it until people were pointing and laughing. The guy I had a crush on would see.

High School:

  • The beginning of summer dreams: I’d always have dreams in the beginning of summer that it was the first day of school already. The summer went by so quickly and I wasted it away and accomplished nothing.
  • The beginning of school dreams: The beginning of the school year, I’d always have dreams that it was the last day of school already and summer had started.

Post High School – Present Day:

  • The I didn’t really graduate dreams: These dreams (borderline nightmares) can vary, but for some reason something got changed or messed up and now I have to back to high school. Sometimes it’s a new law and everyone from my class has to go back to fulfill something. Other times, it’s that the school realized after I graduated that I did something wrong and didn’t really get a passing grade in one of my classes and so I have to go back and re-take the class to graduate.
  • The I never attend a certain class all semester dreams: I have this dream about high school and college. Some of the times I had these dreams happened during a weird time in my life and so I spent a while wondering if it was just a dream or a dream that was re-calling something that really happened. I know now that obviously, none of this happened. Silly me.
    1. I keep meaning to attend the class, but something keeps happening. Either the class is in such a bizarre location that I can’t possibly make it there in time from my previous class or something keeps happening to make me miss it, such as a conflicting event or just plain sleeping in by accident.
    2. I have the class all semester but somehow was never informed. I don’t realize until toward the end of the semester and I try to explain that I didn’t know, but no one believes me. I fail the class obviously.

4 Comments to “Dreams About School”

  1. I’ve had that ” I didn’t graduate high school nightmare all of the time. I just attribute that to the fact that i used to cut class a lot during senior year.

  2. I think mine was because during those times I had the dream the most was a time when I kept feeling like I hadn’t accomplished much. I was preoccupied with the fact that I was such and such age but wasn’t where I thought I would be in my life. I’m pretty much over that now.
    I also felt like even though I would put a lot of time, effort, and work into something, it would feel like I hadn’t advanced. Part of it also could be a fear of the past coming back. I don’t know.
    At least I’m not the only one who has those dreams, hehe.

  3. my dreams are about unicorns and dragons!

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