Getting ready to go back to school

I visited school on Tuesday.  I met with the Program Advisor for Office Administration.  I am switching majors from when I attended in 2000-01. (I was going for Interactive Design then and I am now going for Legal Office Administration). Whenever you switch majors, you have to meet with the Program Advisor. She was really nice and helpful.
Walking around the campus made me really realize just how long it’s been since I’ve been there. The campus is beautiful like it was before. I walked around for a bit because the weather was nice that day. The landscape is nice. There are also some changes. It seems like there are more computers hooked up to the internet. There were rooms with those computers before, but it seems like there are more. Also, there is more security. There are those boxes where you can call for help. Those weren’t there before.
I bought my textbooks online yesterday. I saved a bunch of money. Two of the books I bought new from eBay and they were still half price than buying them new at the campus bookstore. Another book I bought used but it’s still cheaper than buying the same book used from the school’s store. The site is awesome for me because I can type in the ISBNs for all the books at one time. And it shows where to buy each one that’s the cheapest. And unlike google or yahoo product searches, it’s updated in real time.

I just need to receive the books and buy a few school supplies and I’m ready to go!


4 Comments to “Getting ready to go back to school”

  1. Where are you going to school? I hope me asking doesn’t come across stalkerish!

  2. It’s cool. I’m going to CCBC – Catonsville. 😉

  3. Congrats!!!!!
    I guess my bugging you paid off heh heh heh JK, Another tip, buy the international version of the school textbooks (it’s about 35% to 40% cheaper than the US version, same textbook though) the only difference is that the cover (or the front) says international version on it.

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