I want one of the new iMacs

          I’m a Mac.                                     I’m a PC.

I want one of the new iMacs so badly. Not only are the computer and new keyboard amazing, but the new software Apple has released is awesome. I played around with that at the Apple store this past weekend and it made me wish I had the money so I could go home with one.
I’m planning on buying one in October. That’s when I estimate I’ll have the money and that’s when Leopard (OS X 10.5) comes out anyway.

I might post video blogs here and there after I get the computer. It comes with iSight and iMovie, so that I can do all that. Yeah, I have a digital video camera now but it’s crappy. What do you think? Should I make a video post here and there after I get the computer? Or do you find video blogs annoying?

What’s funny is I somehow ended up on Dell’s mailing list. I got one of their catalogs in the mail today. I’m thinking that maybe my school sold them my information. I can’t think of how else I got on there.


2 Comments to “I want one of the new iMacs”

  1. I know how you feel, my eMac is getting a bit long in the tootha nad those new iMacs look hot. Video blogs are cool if you aren’t doing it everyday. But one thing to consider is that sometimes youtube is sorta slow.

  2. I also have an eMac. I bought mine in December ’03. It has 1.1 USB ports, so certain things are slow. It was a few months before all the Macs came with GarageBand. So mine doesn’t have that. I was thinking about just buying iLife to get it, but my computer is so slow that it would just make more sense to buy a new computer and then just get it free with the computer then.
    Yes, you are right. YouTube is slow a lot of times! There are times I go on the site and nothing even loads. I have to refresh and refresh or just leave the site and come back. That’s why I was thinking about using PhotoBucket or iFilm. But I don’t know much about those. I need to learn more about those options.
    Thanks for the input. 😉

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