To all my left-handed friends…

I heard today is LeftHanders Day.
Hope you’re having a good day. I know the world was not designed for you. I always kind of wondered if my life would be different if I was left-handed. I bet if you’re left-handed and you’re a pianist, you’re good at the bass parts 😉


6 Comments to “To all my left-handed friends…”

  1. I’m left handed. I can play a little on the piano/keyboard/organ but I can’t play the bass parts at all. Heh.

  2. being left handed rules. its really not much different you just can’t really use scissors. lol.

  3. when i was in kindergarten, i used to try to use the left ones just to see that i could do it. but i couldn’t hehe. i still always tried.

  4. happy belated left handers day!

  5. haha. you learn to use right handed stuff pretty quick. i really only write and eat with my left hand now. its weeird.

  6. my mom is like that. she is ambidextrous. or more like cross-dominant. they used to think being left handed was a sign of mental disability. so they tried to force her to be right handed. but when no one was looking, she’d use the left. so she became cross-dominant.

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