Punk oxymorons

“Punk modeling”, “punk princess”, and “punk hair extensions” are oxymorons. That is all. Class dismissed.


10 Comments to “Punk oxymorons”

  1. Thank you for enlightening us
    I totally agree, I thought those were the things that went against the principles of punk!!! Here in Korea it’s kinda like chic to be punk (like it was chic to be gay in the New Wave era), it’s kinda like a fashion statement here and at the same time an expression of I’m not like everybody else. They don’t understand that by going at it that way, you’re conforming to so-called non-conformity, so in a sense you are a conformist and there’s really no such thing as a non-conformist therefore if it’s not who you are, then you’re a poser, then they get mad at me and say that I’m old and don’t get it, and they don’t get that I’m old enough to have been around when it was born (well actually my older brother was LOL). Boy I tell ya when something goes mainstream it just loses its flavor don’t you think?

  2. Re: Thank you for enlightening us
    There are so many things that the “punks” have done over the past ten years that I think are COMPLETELY hypocritical. I know we are all hypocrites to some extent, but some of them are just ridiculous.
    However, when I was in high school, people at least tried to be d.i.y, independent, and more about substance than style (even if they really weren’t).
    Nowadays, people don’t even try. People just want instant, saccharine fame. So they do things like become a Suicide Girl, which they think is punk because the girls have piercings and tattoos. Yet going on there in itself is totally NOT punk. It doesn’t matter what you look like. What happened to the riot grrrl movement and punk girls and guys who believed in gender equality?
    what happened to punks distributing zines and flyering about local shows and events? now all i ever get is spam on myspace about these events.
    my generation had tons of straight edged punks. now that has evolved into “hardline” which are straight edged kids who are homophobic. WHAT THE HELL?

  3. LOL, You’re Getting Old
    On a serious tip, everything that started out from the underground once it becomes mainstream (OK, I really mean hits the suburbs), it totally lost its meaning and became white bread (Wonder Bread?).
    Look at the people getting dreadlocks, not for the spiritual significance or the meaning behind but as a fashion statement or trying to be cool.
    Even rock lost its juice, I guess that’s why the Eagles and the OG guys are still selling out venues and the young generation is also discovering them.
    Even Hip-Hop with all these studio gangsters (talking shit in the safety of the studio) with no real street cred (It all started with Puffy, a college boy). 2/3 of the buyers of Hip Hop are white suburban kids. And if you look at the market demographics of the posers, I think you’ll notice a similarly creepy pattern.

  4. Re: LOL, You’re Getting Old
    i am getting old. but i felt like this when i was 13 and 14 as well. yes, hip-hop has GREATLY suffered lately. i can’t think of any mainstream artists that have come out recently that i like. yuck. the underground artists are awesome but there seems to be less out there – or it’s just harder for them to get any exposure, even in the underground. but even mainstream hip hop had Some good ones up until a few years ago.
    when i was a teen, people were probably TOO strict about dreadlocks. it used to be if you even dyed your dreads funky colors (like purple, pink), you were considered a poseur. because the whole point of getting dreads was to be natural and not caring about what you looked like.
    now over the past few years, it has gone to the other extreme. people are paying $200 for dreads, which is just fake hair that looks like YARN.
    my friend traci had ones that were fake but still looked good and my friend bethany makes ones that look awesome (and even has a company that sells them and/or will put them in for you). but most of the people with the fake dreads just look like they put yarn in their hair (which i did when i was 13 but didn’t pay $200 to get it done).

  5. Re: LOL, You’re Getting Old
    also, when did fake dreads become a goth thing? i mean, i know this has been going on for several years now. but i know goths who are racists against black people but they have “dreads”. i’m not saying all or even most goths are racist. but it just shows how people don’t even remember where things originate from!
    i’ve noticed the “ravers” are doing the fake dread thing, too.

  6. It’s Here Too
    I know what you’re talking about, the yarnlocks LOL. I see it here too and I think to myself you ain’t fooling nobody, well OK you’re fooling a lot of people who don’t know.
    I’m trying to grow my hair out a little longer so I can make them too (to hell with paying $200).

  7. Re: LOL, You’re Getting Old
    Well, it’s kinda like the English teachers/foreigners here, they hate Korean people, but they love our women. Go figure.

  8. Re: LOL, You’re Getting Old
    oh don’t even get me started on that.
    or the people who love asian food/culture but then they don’t like asian people. WHAT?!

  9. Re: It’s Here Too
    I tried when I was a teen to do the dreads. But the texture of my hair just wouldn’t let it dread! I think it could after a lot of bleaching and stuff, but then it’s so damaged anyway. Nic Endo, who is part Japanese has awesome dreads that seem real. But I’m not sure if they’re real or fake. She was in Atari Teenage Riot, who were very political and have “punk” attitudes (real punk beliefs), so I would assume they were real, haha.
    But the texture of her hair could be a lot different since she’s part German.

  10. Re: LOL, You’re Getting Old
    Glad you know what I’m talking about ㅋㅋ

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