Sick and wish I could throw up.

Last night, I started feeling nauseous. I thought this was just because of the story I heard about the Ocean City dead baby fetus woman.
This morning, my head hurt. I thought my sinuses were just being worse than usual. But I started feeling nauseous again by mid-morning and when I was walking around the office, I noticed my chest was congested. I have a headache and my head is hot. I feel nauseated and dizzy. My body aches. My throat feels like something is stuck in it. I don’t know what this is, but it was bad enough that I had to leave work early today. I can often taste puke. (Hope that’s not TMI). But I don’t feel like I need to throw up, even though I do feel nauseated. I kind of wish I did throw up so I could get this out of my system and start to feel better.  (Even though I do not like puking. I usually end up heaving and have a hard time breathing).


5 Comments to “Sick and wish I could throw up.”

  1. Check your temp!!!
    Sounds like you mighta caught a fever!!!! Check your temp girl. Hot head, nausea, wanting to puke or you may need a home pregnancy test, one or the other!!!! Hope it’s the fever.

  2. ugh, sorry for the sickness. now “teardrop’ is stuckin my head!

  3. Re: Check your temp!!!
    Thanks for the concern! But I’m just sick. I’m improving, though. But still sick. Had to miss a couple days of work. But I’m back at work again today.

  4. Thanks.
    Yes, that’s a great song!

  5. Re: Check your temp!!!
    Glad to hear that, thought you mighta caught a fever, those were my symptoms. Every year I gained weight on purpose and then lost it then again, the workouts were so intense and the calories restricted, well… you know where that can lead, so now I’m smart about it. PS: After this weight loss, I vow not to gain over 10 pounds for the next off season!!!!!
    Glad it’s not a fever.

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