I had to turn off America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7

Last night on The CW network, they had an America’s Next Top Model marathon. They were showing some episodes from Cycle 7. I saw part of two episodes and I had to turn it off. I was getting so disgusted! The show is flawed for various reasons. I won’t get into that right now. The thing that got to me was several people on the show criticizing Anchal Joseph. They said she needed to lose weight. Not only did the other contestants say that but one of the guest stars did. I believe she was an agent from Elite Modeling Agency. (I forget which agency it was, but it was someone from a big modeling agency). 

I like Tyra Banks and all. But I just couldn’t keep watching that crap. Even Tyra said on her talk show what is considered thin has gotten stricter than back when she started modeling. She said that if right now she was the same age as when she started modeling and tried to start doing it today, that she would be considered too curvy and therefore rejected. She said that she wouldn’t have been asked to be a Victoria’s Secret model normally but because she started in the 90s and already had built a huge name and fanbase for herself, they asked her. And I believe she’s right. Look at all the younger models they have now.  

Here are some pictures of Anchal:
Seriously – this is considered fat?! I know modeling has different standards, but GOOD G-D! Why is she “fat”? Because she has breasts and hips?

Not only do I think her body is not fat, I think she has a gorgeous face. I wish I could find more photos of her. They showed her on an episode wearing this green eye shadow that looked beautiful against her skin tone. I would like to see more Indians and Indian-Americans represented in the media! But anyone who knows me realizes I wish there was more of a variety represented out there.

I’m sure people have talked about this when that season of ANTM came out in the fall of 2006. But I had to mention what happened to her because I really didn’t like it.


6 Comments to “I had to turn off America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7”

  1. See and I look at her and say ” Give the girl a samwich !

  2. EXACTLY. Most guys I know would say either her body is perfect or she needs some more meat on her. Yet, they said she needed to LOSE weight.
    I think she was by far the hottest one on the show that season. Her face, body, hair – beautiful! I haven’t seen all the seasons, so I don’t know how she is compared to them. But she’s gorgeous.
    Actually, I saw her a few months ago on Tyra Bank’s talk show. (They were bringing back former ANTM contestants). And Tyra herself said that she thought she was the most beautiful contestant EVER on ANTM!

  3. I think she’s pretty hawt myself. Essentially, they want models who are skinny, no hips, no breasts practically because that is what the clothes look best on as far as the designers are concerned because there isn’t anything to distract the audience from their walking art. Breasts and hips distract from the clothes, so a walking mannequin is what they want.

  4. maybe that’s the reason why clothes seem to be cut smaller and narrower over the past couple years compared to before. they are using such skinny models.

  5. Girlymanization of the World
    I think the metrosexual trend is to blame for this. As dudes tried to get skinnier, it put pressure on women to get skinnier. Back in the days if I wanted to buy clothes that fit me I had to go to Western chains (WhoAU, Giordano, etc), after the metrosexualization (girlymanization) of society/world, none of the XL sizes fit me anymore!!!!!!! They should call the XL Large. It’s even hit the guys here!!!!

  6. Re: Girlymanization of the World
    I go to thrift stores. The older clothes were cut for REAL PEOPLE and so they fit me. I have an issue because I am too big to be “normal” sizes. But I am not big enough to be plus. So nothing fits right. A few years ago, things weren’t cut as small. And even then it was pretty bad. But not as bad as today.
    BTW, I finally joined flickr today! I haven’t uploaded everything yet, but I have a few up there. http://flickr.com/photos/cherryteresa/
    Please add me and I will add you back!

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