iMac G4 design vs. the iMac G5/Intel design

The first computer is an Apple iMac G4. The second one is the latest iMac available: it has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. (This looks almost the same as the iMac G5). 

I know the newer version is a much better computer.  I know that the newer version also takes up less space  and is more practical. But judging each computer strictly for its looks only, I like the G4 better. I think it’s a prettier piece of furniture. Does that sound weird? When I first saw the design of the G5, I was thinking “Wow, that’s amazing how they can fit the whole computer in such a small space.  But it doesn’ t look as cool”. 

In the end, that doesn’t matter, though. I’d much rather have the newer one.


13 Comments to “iMac G4 design vs. the iMac G5/Intel design”

  1. I concur
    I liked the G4 design better too, my g/f likes the new design (for practical reasons, for aesthetic reasons, she like the G4 design also). Looking for the new iMac with the Leopard OS design, or will they do a redesign???

  2. Re: I concur
    So it’s not only me. Yay!
    I doubt they will change the iMac’s design with leopard. I think the design is normally based on the computer/processor itself changing. But there are always exceptions. That might be cool if they did change it. I don’t know how much more they could change it since it’s so small already. But then again, I said that when I saw the G5. Apple always surprises me in a good way.

  3. Re: I concur
    But then again, I said that when I saw the G5.
    I meant to say G4.

  4. Next Tuesday’s Press Conference
    There’s suppossed to be a new Mac related press conference next Tues, speculation is that the new Mac OS X will have some touch screen capabilities circa iPhone (there was a huge touch screen material order from Apple, the speculation was a 2nd gen iPhone or a nano iPhone, but I think this makes more sense, just by the sheer volume of the order).

  5. Re: Next Tuesday’s Press Conference
    That’s awesome! I heard that the new iMacs are going to look like big ipod nanos. They will have aluminum shells. I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds cool. I wonder if they’ll be offering them in colors again.

  6. It Started
    The bogus image rumour mill started

    I don’t know how to HTML the image, but this is a supposed pic of the new iMac design to be announced Tuesday, what do you think?

  7. Re: It Started
    I guess we will find out in a few more hours. I’m excited! haha.
    I have been going back and forth with speculating what’s real and what’s not. But it’s just frustrating me! We will know soon. 🙂

  8. New version of iTunes
    New version of iTunes out, hmmmmm…?

  9. Safari For Windows 3.0.3
    Finally on this version I can finally read Korean, but I can’t type Korean on it yet. Once it goes there IE7 is out the door.

  10. Re: Safari For Windows 3.0.3
    does it work on firefox or flock? i personally use those. i mean, safari is def better than ie. but it’s still got a few kinks to be worked out. i’m sure in a few years, it’ll be the best browser around.

  11. I’m A Firefox Fanboy
    99.9% of my browsing is on Firefox, except when I HAVE TO (note: HAVE TO) go to many non-supporting Korean websites. I just want to give Safari a shot. Heck I used Firefox back when it was Pheonix, remember that?? As for flock, heard of it but kinda afraid to use it. I saw the Mac announcement, I’m really geeked. Did you see the Bill Gates, Steve Jobs Interview at the DS Conference? I’m downloading it now on my iTunes.

  12. Re: I’m A Firefox Fanboy
    flock’s pretty much the same as firefox. even plug-ins made for firefox will work with no problems on flock.
    i use flock because it incorporates flickr, blogger, and livejournal (as well as photobucket, you tube, and more) in its browser.
    it’s soooo much easier to upload/tag photos if you’re uploading a bunch at a time.

  13. Re: I’m A Firefox Fanboy
    hmmm…, I’ll check it out.

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