Candlebox – Saturday, July 14. Winger fans getting a hard time.

A week ago, I saw Candlebox perform at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD. To be honest, I wasn’t their biggest fan. I didn’t hate them, either. I was going because my boyfriend (Joey)’s birthday was that week. He loves them, so I bought us tickets. Well, I’m glad I went! I didn’t realize just how good the singer’s voice sounds. It’s better live than on CD. It’s really good – kind of soulful and bluesy. They weren’t just another grunge band. Their guitarist was impressive.

But something caught me off guard. The singer was acting flamboyant and effeminate. That’s definitely not a bad thing. It’s just funny because if you watch their videos from the nineties, it’s like a completely different person is their singer now: Not just the way he looks but the way he acts and moves. Yes, the rest of the band look a little different than back then. But that’s because styles have changed and they are older. But the singer was very different. He had on a black vest, tight black jeans (tight hip huggers that showed off his bulge), and these white cowboy-ish designer shoes that matched his belt. And the way he was moving and acting was completely different than how he did in the 90s. He was practically doing the jazz hands. Every time he moved his hands, they were really flimsy. Like, when he put his hand to his ears to be like “I can’t hear you” to the audience, he did it in this flimsy way. He reminded me of the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters. I like his stage presence, though! I think I like it better than how he used to act. They were awesome. Just not what I expected.
They did an encore and did “Breathe” by Pink Floyd. The lead singer didn’t sing it though. It was the lead guitarist who sung it. The singer came back on stage after “Breathe” was over. (I think the singer had to go to the bathroom or something. That’s just my theory).

Compare these two videos to get an idea of what I’m talking about. The second video isn’t that great and doesn’t really show just how flamboyant he was. But you get an idea:

Candlebox Performing “Arrow” at WOODSTOCK ’94

Candlebox “YOU”. Raleigh, August 5, 2006.

Joey and I.   Joyce and I.
Joey and I.                              Joyce and I.

Before Candlebox started, this meat-head asshole came up to Joey and was giving him a hard time because Joey was wearing a Winger shirt. So I told him off and we walked away. We were on our way to walk up front when this happened. Later on in the show, the asshole somehow comes all the way up to the front of the stage where we are. (The club was really packed from front to back, so this is harder to do than you might think. Plus, I don’t know how he would have even spotted us). Anyway, he started putting his arm around Joey and then tried to be friends with him. It was really weird. I noticed after he came up front that the back of his shirt said “Back door is best”. What?!

Poor Winger fans. They’ve been getting a hard time for years. Remember this from Beavis and Butt-head?

Stewart from Beavis and Butthead

Read this funny explanation from Wikipedia about the whole Winger thing:

Stewart is usually depicted wearing a Winger t-shirt (as opposed to the heavier Metallica and AC/DC shirts that Beavis and Butthead wore) which helps characterize him as out of touch, as Winger was/is not thought highly of in the Heavy Metal subculture. As a result, Winger became a subject of ridicule in the mid 1990s. According to the documentary “Taint of Greatness: Part 2” on the Mike Judge Collection Volume 2 DVD, this was due to Winger telling MTV he would not let the show make fun of him. This has been cited as a reason for the band losing popularity. About the same time Lars Ulrich of Metallica could be seen throwing dart on a poster of Kip Winger in the video for Nothing Else Matters. When asked about this Kip Winger once stated: “Our band was known to musicians, and a lot of musicians showed up to see me play – watching trying to figure out how I’m playing – we were like the ‘hair band’ Dream Theater — That is why it’s the great irony that we ended up on that geeky guy’s shirt on Beavis & Butthead, because Metallica couldn’t play what we play, they couldn’t do it, they literally – technically couldn’t do it. And I’ll fucking challenge those chumps to that any day of the week that they couldn’t go back and play our shit, but we could play theirs with our hands tied behind our back. And so, I was a little t’d off about that, but in the end, none of that shit matters…”

When I worked at Bibelot in the music section (1999-2001), I found a solo CD by Kip Winger. It was in the New Age section.


34 Comments to “Candlebox – Saturday, July 14. Winger fans getting a hard time.”

  1. You know just because you can play a lot of crazy shit doesn’t mena your music is good. James Hetfield came up with tons of cool riffs like Blackened or any song of of …And justice for all…
    Kip Winger came up with Seventeen okay ?
    I mean I think even Dream Theatre is boring.

  2. If you were local I’d ask you to model for me. I think you have an adorable face.
    And yeah the singer looked gay….

  3. I actually saw Winger headline a show here in my hometown in 1989. Met their guitarist Reb Beach and their keyboardist outside the venue (Kip had to bail right for the bus since it was in the middle of February). Decent show IMO. The next day at band practice my guitarist was so jealous ’cause I’d met his guitar hero.
    But… none of those are the most important or biggest favorite concerts in my life. Those would be seeing the Stooges this past April, followed by seeing Mike Watt twice in 2003 and 2004. My girlfriend is dragging me to see the fucking Family Values Tour (Korn, aaarrrggghhh!!!) because Evanescence is on the bill and found out Poison (double arrrgghhh!) are playing around here in a month. Somebody either kill me or send me to Japan so that I can see Morning Musume.

  4. What’s wrong with that boy?
    Girl, tell that boy Joey to eat!!!!!! The boy’s skinny even by Asian standards LOL. BTW I think Winger’s still gay.

  5. YouTube’d’Em
    Winger’s b/4 y’all’s times. I youtube’d them to see why I was never into them when I was in HS. I have a theory, they’re all too good looking so all the dudes hated on them I guess, personally I thought their songs sucked they tried to hard to be cool.
    Speaking of hatin’ on pretty boys, why isn’t Dokken or George Lynch mentioned in this argument? That’s right George can play.

  6. Not only does that apply to some of the metal and hair metal bands, but also to some of the jam bands and over the top singers.
    Sure, some of these hippie jam bands may technically be great musicians, but the way they put it together sounds like crap. They are good musicians, but not songwriters. Same with Celine Dion. She may have great technique, but the way she belts it out just hurts to hear (for me anyway).

  7. Why, thank you. You know I would since I love your artwork.

  8. I actually like Poison. But their new stuff stinks. They put out a cover album and they did a baad job of the covers.

  9. Re: What’s wrong with that boy?
    He actually eats. He’s one of these people who can eat whatever he wants and not gain an ounce. When we order subs, he’ll order the footlong while I order a six-inch sub. I just look at food and gain two pounds.

  10. Re: YouTube’d’Em
    It’s like what they said about Kip Winger on Beavis and Butt-head: His teeth aren’t just white. They’re hhhhhhhwhite.

  11. Well I could never get into Phish…I’m sure they are great, but they jut never hit me correctly.
    and I totally agree with you on the singers. Actually Chino Moreno of Deftones/Team Sleep fame is one of my favorite singers. And that dude almost never sang on key especially on Whitepony and the albums before. But he was an interesting singer. I also stopped likeing Korn when Jonathan started singing better.
    A lot of times the technical dudes/dudettes don’t get the point.

  12. I know my friend Adam liked it better when James Hetfield of Metallica didn’t sing properly.
    Chino Moreno, Tricky, and Jimmy Gnecco of Ours are some of my favorite male singers.
    Lizzy Hale of Halestorm is amazing. You have to hear her live, though. The CD doesn’t do her justice. Same thing goes with the singer of Ours.

  13. Well thank you for loving the art work : )

  14. Okay I’m gonna check Ours and Halestorm out after I finish this piece I’m doing.
    But honestly I disagree with your friend I think Metallica played really well post Black album…I wish I could say I liked their music as much. But I don’t hate them either.

  15. Ours “Fallen Souls”. It’s killer.
    I don’t dislike the new stuff either. It’s different. They evolved. If they didn’t evolve that would suck more I think.

  16. Re: What’s wrong with that boy?
    I HATE HIM!!!!! LOL I have to be really careful about what I eat also, even though I work out (especially when I do off-season power training), I can get gain weight easily (euphemism for getting fat), so I try to eat good on Mon – Thurs and pig out on Fri & Sat and chill on Sunday. All my bodybuilding buddies tell me to get my diet together and compete, but I tell them I love eating too much LOL. They just don’t understand my seefood diet (the misspelling is intentional).
    BTW – He is still skinny even by Asian standards and you know what I mean by that LOL

  17. Re: What’s wrong with that boy?
    Tell me about it. I don’t work out as much as you do. But I definitely eat much healthier and exercise more than he does. I am picky about what I eat. But I’m not thin. I don’t even want to think about how much heavier I would be if I ate whatever I wanted and if I never exercised at all.

  18. Let me know what you think…?
    of my list of the most underrated guitarists. Did I leave anybody out? I’m gonna do an overrated list, many people will call me sac religious after they see it.

  19. What about your genes?
    Remember it’s also genetic, how are your parents? My dad’s side of the family are big whereas my mom’s side is all skinny, so I gained my dad’s genes in terms of my back, chest, shoulders, legs, etc, but I got my mom’s genes in the arms dept (why couldn’t I get her genes in the stomach dept!!!), so my arms are too small (symmetrically) for the rest of my body and I’m trying like crazy to catch them up and purposefully not making my chest any bigger!!!
    How about you and your genes?? Did your folks have to watch what they eat, cuz my sister got my dad’s genes all the way around (yes,even the arms!!!)

  20. Re: What about your genes?
    dude. that’s one thing i have been telling people. see, many non-asians think that asians are just ‘naturally skinny’ – meaning that we don’t have to try to be thin, we just are. so when they see me, they are like “wow. she must REALLY big a pig”. if i was fully white (or just another race altogether), people wouldn’t be as hard on me.
    my grandmother eats nothing but healthy korean foods. but she is obese. not just overweight, but very fat.
    my mom is small overall but she complains about her weight a lot (she thinks she’s fat but she looks so much better than most people who are her age. she’s 59). she does have a ‘pouch’ stomach and i’m sure that’s why i have one.
    my dad has battled with weight, too. he goes from being really large to briefly being a lot lighter. but he is ALWAYS on a diet. i haven’t seen him since 2001. he had lost a lot of weight then. i almost didn’t recognize him. i don’t know what his weight is now. but for most of my life he has been really big.
    if you look at pictures of him when he was a teenager, he was really thin. i mean, his cheek bones stuck out and everything. he said that he ate whatever he wanted when he was younger. then when he got into his 20s, he had to watch what he ate, yet still weighed more. so unfair. i think i have gotten that from him. because even though i wasn’t ever very skinny, i was still a lot thinner when i was a teenager. and i also eat better now and i exercise. but i weigh a lot more.
    my grandmother on my dad’s side was also bigger when she got older. my mom keeps telling me she’s scared i’m gonna end up looking like my paternal grandmother. she’s like “the older she got, the more she weighed. when i look at your face, i see your grandmother. you better be careful”. but my mom also think that i am ‘obese’. i am buxom, which means healthily curvy. but i don’t think i’m fat and i KNOW i’m not obese.

  21. Your momma’s still old school Korean LOL
    Despite the years your mom lived in the States, woman still possesses that old school Asian standard eyes hee hee. I saw your pics, you ain’t obese, I thought the medical definition of obese is 100 pounds or more overweight?
    Anyways did you see Super Size Me? They showed a school for troubled teens where they took out all the soda machines and junk foods, and even their lunches are healthy non-fast food style lunches and their grades and behavior improved and the funny thing is that the cost for this healthy meal is no different than the junk food lunches they serve in regular schools!!!

  22. Re: Your momma’s still old school Korean LOL
    There is a big difference between the healthy food and the junk, though. A bad difference. The junk is from huge corporations which have conflict of interest ties with members of the school boards. It’s sick. Have you ever read the book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About” by Kevin Trudeau? I’m not sure if it’s sold outside the U.S. (other than the internet), but if you can check it out at a library, I would. It shows a lot of sick things the U.S. gov’t does in order to keep us unhealthy for profit. Bet you’re glad you don’t live here anymore, haha.

  23. Re: Your momma’s still old school Korean LOL
    And thank you. I don’t think I’m obese, either. I’d like to lose 10 or 20 pounds, but that just means I have some extra weight. Not obese.
    My mom’s side of the family would like me to be skinny. See, I don’t want to be skinny. I just want to lose a little. Women are supposed to have some more meat on them compared to men. We’re supposed to have curves.

  24. I hear you
    Look at the big stink the soft drink companies threw when Gov Schwarzenegger decided to get rid of sodas in all California schools. Even the food pyramid (the new one), had all the special interests trying to bogart for the best positioning

  25. Re: I hear you
    YES!!!!! And the food pyramid thing: If you look at other countries, their food pyramids are a lot different than the U.S.’s. Last year, I was reading a few books about health. The books from England seemed to have some of the best advice. Anyway, the I noticed the food pyramid was different there.
    I’m guessing it’s different in Korea.

  26. Re: I hear you
    They’re acknowledging kids needs more protein in their diet (they basically followed the US’ pyramid) and are now studying what the Dutch eat (because they have the tallest average height in the world), although South Koreans have the tallest average height in Asia.

  27. Re: Your momma’s still old school Korean LOL
    Niki Taylor once said a woman’s supposed to have curves and boobs and she said this on GMA or Today, I forgot which one and I agree, oops don’t want to offend anybody

  28. Re: Your momma’s still old school Korean LOL
    That’s awesome.
    Yeah, if you look back… not even that far.. in the earlier 90s, the thinner models are still curvier than the models today.
    Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and Cindy Crawford have more meat on them than the models now like Heidi Klum.
    I think it all started going downhill with Kate Moss and the “heroin chic” models. Kate Moss was considered ultra skinny and most people I knew complained about her. Nowadays, she’s considered the norm in modeling.
    Tyra Banks said recently on her talk show that if she were a teenager and starting out in modeling TODAY, she would be considered too curvy and wouldn’t be hired.

  29. What kinda example r we setting?
    You got 9 y.o. girls taking steroids to look like some of the girls on MTV or the athletes they see in SI (Sports Illustrated or ESPN) and the other extreme is you got girls 11, 12, 13 y.o. puking after they eat or choosing not to eat or doing extreme cardio to get the “LOOK”. I’d be scared to go out with a girl that skinny, think she has AIDS or is on the crank or something. We all gotta have some meat on our bones!!!!!!

  30. I notice a pattern here…
    Cindy – A Midwest Girl
    Trya – A ghetto girl
    Niki – A Southern Girl
    These girls like to eat, LOL!!!!
    Kate Moss, Heidi Klum – Euros!!!
    BTW – The Niki Taylor interview I saw was 20/20 back in the days and her words were boobs and hips not curves
    And tell your momma’s side of the family not to worry about your physique and to be like a typical Korean family and worry about your education…oops, typical Korean families worry about both LOL, hope you got the joke!

  31. Guitar Magazine
    Another thing, back in the days (my school days), I don’t remember ever, ever, ever seeing a feature on Reb Beach or seeing Winger’s songs being transcribed in any of the Guitar magazines I used to read!!!! Damn dem some pretty boys LOL

  32. Re: I notice a pattern here…
    True. Though I think everyone likes to eat! I just think some people deny themselves and/or throw it up later.

  33. Re: What kinda example r we setting?
    What’s sad is that a lot of these girls never fully go through puberty because of this. I know girls in their 20s and older who have had eating disorders since they were teens or pre-teens. When a female doesn’t weigh at least a certain weight, she doesn’t ovulate or have her period. And food is needed not only for nourishment, but for certain hormones to function properly. I knew a girl in high school who barely ate and over-exercised to the extreme. She told me she never had her period. She also had the body of a little girl and had the little girl voice.
    I know women with eating disorders who complain they are too fat. But then wish they had bigger than an AA cup breast size. And I tell them “What do you think breasts are made of? Mostly fat”. If you gained weight, you would gain breast. But unfortunately, with that disorder, their views on things are distorted.

  34. I love to eat too
    All my bodybuilding buddies tell me to get my diet together and to step on the damn stage!!! And one of my students told me to do it too!!! It’s hard enough to do a beach body diet, do you know how hard a competition diet is???? Sun thru Thurs I eat well, Fri & Sat is my beer, alcohol, eat crap weekend, if I did a competition diet, even that’s out (for at least 12 weeks), I’m not that disciplined (oh no, that word came up again! LOL)
    BTW: Do you want some cool KROCK tunes??? PM (Private Message me your email address and I’ll send you some cool old school KROCK mp3s and some Jaurim, my current favorite KROCK band)

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