Old Skool iPhone

I came across this by accident last night when I was doing a google search about something completely unrelated. I don’t know the accuracy or reputation of this site since most of it is written in a language which I don’t speak/read, but this is still an interesting article.


The very first iPhone

In late June, the iPhone hit the US market. Apple aficionados queued for days to be first in line to get their greedy little paws on the long awaited gadget. fudder-employee Marc Esslinger is an Apple-fan as well . also because he has a very special relationship to Apple. His father Hartmut Esslinger designed the famous Apple IIc, which was Apples first portable computer (1984). fudder presents Marc’s personal Apple-Story and a Photo-Gallery with partly never before seen Apple-Designs of the early 80s. For example: The very first iPhone from 1983.

Photo-Gallery: frog design


8 Comments to “Old Skool iPhone”

  1. An Apple Fanboy that never owned a MAC!!!!
    I’m an Apple Fanboy, you know what’s funny, when I took a computer class in my high school, it was all textbook, the following year my high school bought a whole bunch of Apple II(c or e, I don’t remember). When I was in Seattle, the company my sister worked for used Apple II. When I was teaching English job interview, I asked a marketing major girl about the iPhone, she couldn’t really answer the question, and I was thinking to myself, how can you be a marketing major and not know the biggest hype since Jesus’ second coming? I’m a total pimp for the iPhone here and Mac products, when the Leopard comes out, I’m definitely converting (the 64bit is the deal closer), plus I’m a pimp for the iPod!!! I do own that! My g/f thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  2. Re: An Apple Fanboy that never owned a MAC!!!!
    Yeah, I am a geek when it comes to Apple products. I’m usually not one of these brand loyal people, but I am with mac. Every single thing they’ve put out is amazing. And they think of every little thing. (Their designers must have good discipline, haha!)
    I will usually buy cheaper, generic stuff. I’ll buy the Payless shoes or the store brand food. But not when it comes to mac! You either pay now or you pay later. If you buy a cheaper PC, you’ll end up spending way more on software that the computer didn’t come with (but the mac did, and the mac’s is better) and you will have to buy a new comp sooner because of adware/spyware with a PC.
    The person who didn’t know about the iPhone – maybe the person knew but was just anti-mac. I’ve come across that a lot. People just hate apple so much and act stupid. I remember in the beginning of June, my friend Adam and I went to a Cingular/ATT store. We heard the iPhone was supposed to come out in June, but they hadn’t announced the official date yet, so we were wondering. The guy came up and said smiling “Hey guys, can I help you today?!” Adam goes “When is the iPhone coming out?” And the guy starts walking away and says quietly, without looking at us “I don’t know”. And doesn’t talk to us anymore haha. I mean, they might have not told the employees yet, but he could have been a lot nicer about it.

  3. Re: An Apple Fanboy that never owned a MAC!!!!
    Just like anywhere else in the world, people are status quo/sheep mentality. One thing I give props to Korean people is that they all acknowledge Mac is the superior must have/use for graphics and video/music production. I believe once Windows becomes native to the Mac (Leopard OS), a lot of people will switch over to the Mac. Look at iTunes, my friend’s g/f bought him an iPod shuffle and he’s talking about how he doesn’t like the iTunes (I downloaded iTunes b/4 owning an iPod), I told him #1, you should at least own a nano, secondly, play around with the program, download some podcasts, etc etc etc. A great example of a status quo boy. I teach people about Firefox, the multiple tabs, in address bar search capabilities, g-space, gmail, etc etc etc. People just don’t like change and they call themselves open-minded and intelligent??? I’m sorry, to me you’re not intelligent if you can’t see what makes sense. I tell my English students the difference between smart and intelligent is that smart means you have a lot of book knowledge, intelligence means knowing how to apply what you know. ㅋㅋ

  4. Re: An Apple Fanboy that never owned a MAC!!!!
    I don’t know why so many people still use Internet Explorer. Even the new IE is copying from Firefox and using some of the same features. That should tell you that it’s better.
    And every computer expert tells you to get rid of IE and get Firefox or basically any other browser. But they always recommend Firefox #1. This radio show I listen to has a computer expert once a week. Almost all the questions people have with PCs is answered with “stop using Internet Explorer. Get Firefox”.
    I know several PC users who were about to shell out a ton of cash on a new computer because of adware/spyware making their computers not work at all. I told them “download Firefox and dump your IE”. All they did was use Firefox and all the problems they were having while online had disappeared. Suddenly, they could use their computers again.
    And the people who are amazed at Windows Vista make me laugh because those features are copied from Mac. And the Vista version is nowhere near as good. They’re impressed with things Mac users have been using since ’00.

  5. Re: An Apple Fanboy that never owned a MAC!!!!
    I try to tell people, technology is there to work for us, not the other way around but do people listen? Hell No? People are so damn conservative. I tell my students that there’s too kinds of conservative one being socially conservative (old school values, hating change, etc) and politically conservative. It’s amazing people in the States mix the two up also. As most people (which I call the silent majority), I would say are moderately conservative or liberal. It’s always the people that lean too much to one side or the other that have something wrong upstairs (can you say fundamentalists?). Hee Hee

  6. Re: An Apple Fanboy that never owned a MAC!!!!
    Windows Vista = Apple OS X pre-alpha
    Windows = Apple 89
    IE 7 = crappier version of Mozilla Phoenix (remember Phoenix???)
    Zune = A Toshiba mp3 player private labeled for Microsoft
    Bill Gates = No original idea/plagerizer
    Any questions?
    This is from someone that doesn’t own a Mac (yet), so nobody can accuse me of being a fanboy.
    Here’s another thing I don’t get, if Macs have only a 10% market share, why are Mac owners called sheeps, when the the 90% are the sheeps buying the status quo?
    I wasn’t a good math student so please explain this one to me, it doesn’t make sense. Please explain, please please please

  7. Re: An Apple Fanboy that never owned a MAC!!!!
    Yeah. I am not totally one thing or another. But I am more liberal than anything. However, I don’t like how some liberals don’t see that there are SOME things that conservatives are into that may not be totally horrible. They don’t have to agree with it or like it. But they can acknowledge that some of it isn’t horrible, just not what they personally are into.

  8. Re: An Apple Fanboy that never owned a MAC!!!!
    Those are the same people that voted for Bush or who listen to Avril Lavigne and think she’s the most original artist. They’re the same people who think Paris Hilton actually invented the phrase “That’s hot”.
    I laugh inside when my PC friends go through stress and agony when getting a new PC and having to transfer all the old data to the new computer. With a Mac, all you have to do is hook up a firewire cable from the old computer to the new one and it transfers it for you. That and the fact that I never get adware or spyware would be reason enough to make the switch. And this is not even mentioning just how much better of a computer overall a Mac is or how much better the software performs.
    I realize those people get what they deserve.

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