Funny Wikipedia pictures (women you see at Wal-Mart)

Picture illustrating what a “muffin top” is – from Wikipedia.

Pictures explaining a “whale tail”:

“Tramp stamp”:

“Coin slot:”


9 Comments to “Funny Wikipedia pictures (women you see at Wal-Mart)”

  1. I’m bad…
    But other than the tramp stamp I think all of those can be sorta sexy. LOL. I know, I know…

  2. Re: I’m bad…
    Sometimes I find odd things attractive, too.

  3. Physique Appropriate clothing
    3 out of 4 are wearing physique appropriate. 1 thing I like about Asia is that they still believe in Physique Appropriateness in their choice of clothing.

  4. Re: Physique Appropriate clothing
    I know what you mean. I’m not skinny but I also don’t wear belly shirts.

  5. Re: Physique Appropriate clothing
    This is why I also didn’t wear tank tops (or wife beaters) recently until I lost 15 pounds. Nowadays problem is dudes with upper bodies with no legs.

  6. Re: Physique Appropriate clothing
    At least you have upper body muscles/strength. I have seen guys wearing wife beaters/muscle shirts who walk around with their chests and arms sticking out. But they are pushing it out, they don’t actually have muscles. They think they are fooling everyone, but they’re not. At least they’re not fooling me, haha.

  7. Re: Physique Appropriate clothing
    You know it’s so funny, cuz I was trying to talk to a female teacher, but she was talking to her female students (about 3 girls), so this youngster next to me is sticking his chest out, and one of the girls asks him, “What Are You doing?”, he exhales and says, “Nothing” and that chest went as flat as my desk. Then I giggled and told him, “Son, I don’t need to flex.” LOL

  8. Re: Physique Appropriate clothing
    What’s up with dudes with no chest wearing the pimp shirt and only buttoning it halfway? If you got no chest why advertise it?????

  9. Re: Physique Appropriate clothing
    Haha. Who does he think he’s fooling?!

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