Raining, thunderstorming 4th of July

I was going to go to my friend’s house for a party. Adam Meister threw a party. (By the way, he is running for City Council in the 11th District of Baltimore – check him out if you live in the area. www.adammeister.com)
He lives in this awesome house in the city with three flat roofs. They are fun for parties and you can see the fireworks from there.  I went to his Fourth of July party last year and it was lots of fun. When he told me he was doing it again this year, I was looking forward to it. Not only is his house perfect for watching the fireworks, but he and his friends are good people. But noooo, there had to be a freakin’ tornado, thunderstorm, and hail warning until 10 PM. It rained and there were warnings on tv not to go outside if it started lightning because there is a risk of getting struck. Being on a roof isn’t the safest place to be when there’s lightning involved. I was going to see if maybe he was still  having the party inside, but my boyfriend’s back was hurting him badly today, so he didn’t want to go out. So I just ended up hanging with him at his place.  I had a good time with him,  but it just sucks the weather had to be like this today. Oh well. I’m not really complaining because there is a lot I have to be thankful for.

And the day wasn’t a complete loss.  I got to sleep later than usual.  And I ate some crabs and drank a corona with my mother.


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