I changed my flat tire by myself!

The Bad News: The fix a flat didn’t hold much longer. The tire went out again today. I ended up getting two new back tires and now I’m beyond broke until my paycheck goes through and clears.  I got the check in the mail today after work, but the banks had been closed for hours by the time I got home. This sucks. I hope I can still see Lennex tomorrow night at Rams Head Live. I hope I have enough gas to get to and from work tomorrow. Eek.

The Good News: I finally was able to change the flat tire all by myself! I’ve come close before but ended up needing help with this or that. The only thing was my best friend Adam came by to make sure I drove to Sears okay on my spare (and give me a ride home in case I’d have to leave it there over night. Luckily, they fixed it tonight).  Since he was there, I had him double-check that I had the lug nuts on tightly enough. And I did! WOO!!!!! Now I know the next time I get a flat tire, I probably won’t have to bother anyone for help.  I hope that’s how it works anyway.

Some of you are thinking “Big deal, I’ve been able to change my flat on my own since I was 16”. But I know many of you call AAA the moment the flat goes out and you have no clue how to do it.  😉

For me, I just feel a little more independent now, hehe. One less thing to stress about. Getting a flat in the future will still suck. But it won’t suck as much.


11 Comments to “I changed my flat tire by myself!”

  1. When I got my license, my mom wouldn’t let me leave in the car by myself the first time until I took one of the tires off and put it back on. Seemed silly to me then, but I’ll probably do the same thing to my kids. 🙂

  2. Good for her! And I think it’s a great idea that you’re going to do the same for your children. When I couldn’t change mine, I wished someone had taught me and wondered why no one had done so yet.
    It’s not that hard if someone just teaches you!

  3. Congrats
    I had an older brother that forced me to learn how to drive a stick, change a flat tire, do some basic car maintenance (such as changing the oil, spark plugs, etc.) and know the basic mechanics of a car so a mechanic won’t rip me off. Being a woman I really think it’s especially important for ya cuz women on average pay more for these kind of services (well when I was in college the stat held true, don’t know about nowadays). But you did it, good for you.

  4. Re: Congrats
    I agree that everyone who drives should be taught these things! I know more about how to fix my computer than I do my car. That’s sad.
    I don’t even know how to drive stick and I wish I could.

  5. Re: Congrats
    Believe me, when you’re 15, 15 1/2 years old, it was not pleasant having to learn all that especially having an impatient brother who got verbally abusive if I didn’t get it right away.
    You’re awake, what time is it there now? It’s Wednesday night 11:00pm here

  6. Re: Congrats
    Oh, I agree. I would have been the same way. But a few weeks of being annoyed is worth it if you have good skills you’ll use pretty much the rest of your life. Not cool that your bro was verbally abusive, though.
    I didn’t even like having to learn how to drive, hahaha. But I’m definitely glad I went through that.
    It’s 10:20 AM

  7. Re: Congrats
    There was always the old Incredible Hulk re-runs and my weight sets heh heh heh. So when r u posting your recent pics???? r u on flickr??

  8. Re: Congrats
    Don’t use flickr yet. Was thinking about it. I’m just on too many sites as it is, so I’m trying to be picky about what I add because I won’t be able to keep up. Just keeping up with myspace alone is a lot because I get a bunch of messages and friends requests and can’t write back in a timely fashion. I don’t really have that many recent pictures of me, because before other people took pics of me at shows and sent them to me or posted them.
    I’ve added a bunch of pictures to my myspace account, but there aren’t that many recent ones. There’s a couple.

  9. Forgot to tell you
    This is an article from the International Herald Tribune “Researchers find distinctive patterns of cancer in Asian-Americans”, and this applies to all Asian Americans whether they were born there or emigrated there and they believe alot of it is attributed to the Westernization of their diets. And it breaks down the ethnic groups and what each ethnic group is susceptible to. So ask your momma to cook you some good old Korean food. It found that Korean women are very susceptible to cervical and stomach cancer, check out the article.

  10. Re: Forgot to tell you
    Thanks for showing me the link.
    …And people think I am crazy for being “too picky” about what I will eat!

  11. Picky, eh?
    2 words for them: “Supersize Me”

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