Paycheck got messed up, flat tire

Nothing important. I’m just venting…

I usually get paid every Tuesday and it gets directly deposited into my account. I noticed today my money wasn’t there. Apparantly, something got screwy with payroll’s computers and so they mailed me a check instead of doing direct deposit. Of course this has to happen when there’s a holiday smack dab in the middle of the week. I was waiting until today to go grocery shopping. Now I have to hold off. I’m hungry. This check is coming from Texas, so it’s going to be a few days.  Plus, by the time I get the check after I come home from work, the banks will be closed. When I can finally deposit it, it will take at least a day or two to go through. This had to happen the same day I get a flat tire and have little money! I walked to my car after work and one of my tires was flat. I used the fix-a-flat stuff and went to a gas station to inflate it a little more. It seems to be okay now, but who knows how long that will last. Tires aren’t all that expensive, but I recently dropped a lot of money to fix my brakes and since I haven’t gotten paid yet this week, money is tight.

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6 Comments to “Paycheck got messed up, flat tire”

  1. Why is it things like that tend to happen when we need the money the most? Hope the tire holds up with the fix a flat!

  2. Stuff always seems to happen at the same time! Good things all happen around the same time but much more often bad things happen at the same time!

  3. I totally feel for you. My firm managed to screw up my pay on several occasions. Its a real grind!

  4. Several times? That’s no good!

  5. It’s called the collecting interest game!!!
    I can’t believe the company pulled that chicken shit move on you guys, I don’t think you’re the only person it happened to. By law, your money’s suppossed to be in the bank (in Korea also) by opening hour. But what alot of companies do is to purposely deposit after 4:30pm (or 30 mins after bank closes) because it’s considered the next day and they collect 1 extra day of interest!!!!! Hang tough girl.

  6. Re: It’s called the collecting interest game!!!
    Well, when they do direct deposit, it does get there earlier in the day. But since they mailed me a check instead of directly depositing it this week, I didn’t get the check until Thursday after work. So it didn’t go through til Friday morning. And my online account says it’s going to be another 3 BUSINESS days until it clears. So basically I will get my money from my next paycheck before this paycheck clears!

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