I changed my ethnic background on Myspace

I decided to tweak my Myspace profile under the ethnicity category.  Although I am more Asian than anything else, I just didn’t feel totally honest having that as my official race on my profile.  I feel like I am excluding other parts of my close family who are also a big part of who I am by just putting down one race. However, I do not want to put down “Other” as my ethnic background, either.  I put down EurAsian, Hapa, Caucinasian (I’m Irish/British, 1/8 American Indian, and 1/2 Korean, among other categories) and Amerasian (which is arguable since there are different definitions for the term “Amerasian”).

Some people think it might be ridiculous to have these terms for mixed races. They might think it’s going too far or getting too specific. But really, would those people feel comfortable denying one of their parents or grandparents?  Those people also probably don’t realize or forget that Hispanic is an ethnicity that is a mix of other ethnicities (Amerindian, Spanish, sometimes African/Black descent).

Taken from http://www.projectrace.com/aboutprojectrace:

About Project RACE

Biracial and multiracial people do not have a box to check on forms. Being forced to choose only one race forces us to deny one of our parents. It also requires us to do something illegal, since we are defining ourselves as something we are not.

Multiracial people should have the option of recognizing all of their heritage. “Multiracial” is important so that children have an identity, a correct terminology for who they are. “Other” means different, a label that no person should bear. Also, without proper racial and ethnic classifications, multiracial people are “invisible” in the health care system.

Mission Statement

Project RACE advocates for multiracial children and adults through education, community awareness and legislation. Our main goal is for a multiracial classification on all school, employment, state, federal, local, census and medical forms requiring racial data.


5 Comments to “I changed my ethnic background on Myspace”

  1. I hear ya
    My niece and nephew have that same problem too. But the biggest problem they face is this: They’re not accepted 100% by either side. I really hated the hypocrisy here when the Steelers won the Super Bowl and they were all going crazy over Hines Ward, but when Hines Ward came to Korea he created a foundation to help out the mixed kids here (it’s not as bad as your momma says now, people are a lot more enlightened nowadays).

  2. Re: I hear ya
    You’re right. Some Asians/Asian-Americans look at me as a “sell-out” (as if anyone can choose their race before they’re born – however, I wouldn’t change a thing). And Caucasians definitely do not look at me as being white.
    I’m guessing full Asian-Americans see me as being more like them than Caucasians do. But a lot of them feel like I’ve had life a lot easier because I’m still part white. They feel that I haven’t been discriminated against as badly because I’m half. That may be right to some extent. But just because I’m only half doesn’t mean only half of me gets offended when someone says something racist or only half of me feels any type of pride for being Korean-American. Growing up in a 98% white Christian part of suburban Dayton, Ohio (I’m not exaggerating, by the way), I was more than just teased, I was harassed regularly for my race. And I don’t think it made any difference that I was “only half”. No one ever stood up and said “Hey guys, she’s still part White. Leave her alone”.
    I know in a lot of parts of Asia, EurAsians are over-represented in the media. There may only be a small percentage of people who are part white, but they are the majority of what’s being shown on tv, movies, and music in those areas. And I totally understand why people in those countries would be upset over that. The Caucasian or Western look shouldn’t be the “standard of beauty” in this world. There are beautiful and not so beautiful people of all different races, cultures, and religions. However, it’s not very practical to take that frustration out on the people themselves. It’s society as a whole that needs fixing.
    It’s like in America where light-skinned African Americans are practically the only black people shown in entertainment. You rarely ever see someone who has a darker complexion. That makes me frustrated and I’m not even black. However, there are people who are mad at people like Beyonce Knowles or Tyra Banks. I don’t think they should be mad at the celebrities themselves but rather the entertainment industry and American society as a whole for being messed up.

  3. Re: I hear ya
    My sister isn’t like our parent’s generation in terms of her ideology. You know our parent’s generation, everything in the US is better, the people, education, etc etc etc. When I hear that crap in Korea today I wanna punch people in the mouth, but I just say that it’s 20 years ago thinking. To live the same life in the US as in Korea today, you gotta make 2 to 3 times the money.
    She didn’t have any delusions of having mixed kids, she understood the possibilities. As for me personally, I don’t care who the parents marry, but I do worry for the kids for this reason. Know what I mean?? Plus I hate Korean women here that will only go out with white dude, and it’s not because they choose to go out with white dudes, but they talk so much shit about Korea, the people, etc. and the white people think that these stupid ass women are representative of our peeps, know what I mean?? So when I meet white dudes in Korea, they look at us like we’re shit, because of what these women say. So I’m not against inter-racial dating/marriage etc but I’m against this because everything in your life sucks for you, so everything in this country sucks philosophy!!!!
    My biggest advice to people if they want to emigrate to the US so badly is that, wherever you go, you take your sorry ass with you, so whatever psychological issues you got now, you better resolve them cuz you’re gonna run into it wherever you go, cuz you carry the same energy and you will attract the same people but with different faces. Sorry I had to vent!!! Stay real.

  4. Re: I hear ya
    Yeah, a lot of people think moving (or finding a boy/girlfriend) will solve all of their problems. It can help to a certain point. But if you don’t work on yourself, it’s not going to help. And in certain instances, it can make it worse.
    If you don’t have anything going for you, then what would you even be doing in this new place? And what would you even have to offer to a boy/girlfriend? Why would anyone even want to be with you if you don’t work on yourself?
    I am definitely with you on this.

  5. An Old Saying
    Someone once told me it’s better to be alone by yourself than to be lonely with the wrong person. So if you’re ever single and available and flying over here to Korea call me 😉 LOL Take care of yourself and don’t do anything too crazy. Sorry I was giggling as I was typing this since I’m such a shy guy.
    PS: Hey you never told me what you thought of my rear lat spread pic.

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