When I finally wasn’t broke, this happened…

Last week, I had to drop over $1200 on my car! I had to get the brakes done – but not just the brake pads and shoes. Oh, no. I had to get the pads, shoes, calipers, rotors, and the master cyllinder done.  And get this, it was only the back brakes that I got done. I had to spend $600 a few months ago getting a bunch of stuff done to the front brakes. My g-d. It’s ridiculous. And yes, I took my car to a few different places over the past few months, so the mechanic was telling me the truth – unless they all lied. I just hate the fact that it’s so hard to ever get a new car. Whenever I save up a little bit of money for a potential down payment, I have to spend it all on the car I have now. And it’s on stuff that I can’t just ignore.  I don’t want to end up killing someone because my brakes are shot.

So basically, I am broke for a while.  I won’t be able to see Margaret Cho or any of the awesome bands that are performing on the True Colors tour. It’s coming to town Sunday.

This kind of stuff is so frustrating.

5 Comments to “When I finally wasn’t broke, this happened…”

  1. That is weak. I so know your pain abut missing shows. *sigh*

  2. Did you end up getting to see the Deftones a few months ago? I remember when you posted that.

  3. *Sigh* no it was last saturday : ( It was the Mastodon show that was in may. I really want to see them because I haven’t. I’ve see the deftones 3 times though.

  4. Got the same prob as my younger sister
    You know I keep telling my sister to stop having so much emergencies or dramas or things that keep coming up. Then she replies, I don’t understand, I don’t have kids, etc. But I tell her, if you’re Christian the Bible teaches our body is a vessel of our soul (mind), so our body follows what we think, our expectations, etc. Isn’t it funny how when we think s**t will hit the fan, it does. Self-fulfilling prophecy, because we keep expecting it so our body sub-consciously follows the road to that destination/result. Then my sister says I’m talking crazy LOL. What do you think?
    I also tell my sister that she has to change her ideology, not necessarily religion, but the ideology that life has to be this hard, you have to enslave yourself to the same trap day after day, week after week. I tell her that she lives like that because that’s what she knows and people in general are conservative (meaning they don’t like to change) even if change is for the better because it’s the unknown. That’s why I always say people fail not because of fear of failure (we know this story), but a fear of success and how everything will change.
    Because I really believe in this theory from personal experience. So even though I wanted to seriously kill myself (OK, just had serious suicidal thoughts) after my record label failed a while back, I know I can still do it and I’m holding onto that dream despite what my g/f says. So hang tough and change your ideology. You can do it. Gotta believe to achieve.

  5. Re: Got the same prob as my younger sister
    I’ve thought about that myself. It’s probably true to a point. But I don’t think it would have made my brakes lasted any longer, hehe.
    It was actually when I worried less and didn’t stress as much when the s*** did hit the fan worse than it ever did before and I got sick and my life became really bad.
    I don’t really expect things will suck, but I do prepare for them in case because if you don’t have money saved up or a plan worked out, then it will be even worse. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, I think that’s being prepared. It’s not like I hope these things will happen. I’m actually realistic and prepare for good things to happen, as well as not so good things.
    But I see what you’re saying. There are other people who are like that and then those bad things happen.
    And yes, it’s hard to see the light when you are feeling suicidal. And it’s hard to think about how things will get better and that what you’re going through now will be looked back upon differently. It doesn’t matter how many times you felt that way in the past and how many times you overcame it. It’s never easy. I’m glad you’re still with us 🙂

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