Good looking people in grocery stores

Has anyone else noticed that more good looking people shop and work at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s than at regular grocery stores? Maybe it’s just my weird taste.
The one downside to this is that I usually go grocery shopping after rolling out of bed and so I don’t particularly look my best.


19 Comments to “Good looking people in grocery stores”

  1. This is quite true. Makes me want to work there.

  2. I always look like I just crawled out of a gutter when I grocery shop (or go to anything not work or “out” related).
    Whole Foods is the devil. Their soaps and such steal my attention–and money–every time I go.

  3. I have noticed that too. 🙂

  4. I have noticed that too. 🙂

  5. If that actually happens, make sure to let me know.

  6. I knoww. I spend so much money when I go there! So much.

  7. heheh, cool. now i don’t feel as silly. i’m not the only one.
    good seeing you at the depot last week!

  8. I tell ya what
    Girl, in my old apartment there was a lady (a hot momma) that used to wear make-up just to take out the damn trash. Also the department stores here have markets in the basement floor, so the department store shoppers look better than the regular shops here too (Costco, E Mart, etc).

  9. Mm, office work pays too well. And I secretly have a doubt that simply working there would actually transfom me from scruffy into hip. Though it’s nice to daydream!

  10. Yeah, I kind of figured that you wouldn’t work there unless it was as a part-time second job. I heard both stores actually pay really well, better than union. But I’m sure you make way more!
    You’re already hip! 🙂

  11. Re: I tell ya what
    haha, i know people like that! They put on two pounds of makeup even to check the mail. it makes me wonder if they are really that freakishly ugly without makeup and that’s why they do that.

  12. Re: I tell ya what
    No, I think they’re salespeople heh heh heh. I hope you saw the WWDC video
    I’ve never owned a Mac, but always been a fan. Once Leopard comes out, shoot me if I don’t get a Mac when Leopard comes out!!!!! Ironic, isn’t it? I used to work for he he he.

  13. Re: I tell ya what
    I was afraid it might get delayed again. But the email I got from Apple News said it’s still slated for an October release. It’s going to be awesome!

  14. Re: I tell ya what
    I’m so bent outta shape that I gotta wait for the iPhone until 2008 and I hope they work a deal with the carrier I’m with now. Incidentally Korea is a very unique market, for instance iPods are not #1 here, Wal-Mart failed, Carrefour (Wal Mart of France) failed here, Google is not #1 here, so I don’t think the iPhone will have the same buzz as it did all over the world here either. Let’s wait and see.

  15. Re: I tell ya what
    Yeah, I’ve heard that iPods aren’t as big in Asia as they are here. My mother told me the phones are so much more advanced in Korea anyway, so I’m thinking the iPhone probably won’t blow people away as much as it does here. It’ll still probably be impressive, just not as much as it is here. She last visited there a couple years ago. (She couldn’t take me, which sucked).
    It sucks that the iPhone isn’t coming out until 2008 where you are. But, I’m thinking it will be worth the wait. Think about how cool the iPods seemed when they first came out. Then they kept coming out with newer versions that blew the older versions away. So by the time it comes out in Korea, it will probably be so much better than it is now. I hope it comes to your carrier. It’s only on ATT&T/Cingular here, which sucks. I won’t switch to them. If it was T-Mobile, maybe I would if my contract was up and the price of the iPhone went down. But not Cingular. (I have Verizon now).
    They have an exclusivity contract for at least a couple years, so I won’t have one for a while, if ever.

  16. Re: I tell ya what
    Believe iPods are big in Asia (the nanos), just not in South Korea, believe the phones aren’t all that great (well compared to the phones I used in the US they are), the closet phone to the iPhone is the LG Prada phone, but I hate LG phones, I’m a Samsung phone guy because in my opinion they have the best menu system (and the easiest Korean keypad typing system).
    As for me I own the 80GB iPod w/ video, man I even got my g/f geeked up for the iPhone and the Leopard OS, especially the 100% 64bit capacity. I’m finally gonna switch.

  17. Ooops…4got 2 ask u
    How do I put HTML code into my profile? I want to put my widget on it…Please help.

  18. Re: I tell ya what
    I saw something online about the Prada, but I haven’t seen it in person. The LG phones that I’ve had or friends have had have these awesome features. But one major problem – doesn’t get as good reception! My LG had maaaaaaaany dropped calls at my old apartment. As soon as I got the razr, it never dropped at that apartment. The razr isn’t perfect, but it at least does what a phone was originally meant for – to make and receive calls.
    Once you switch to Mac, you will never go back! 😉

  19. Re: Ooops…4got 2 ask u
    After you’ve logged on, go to your own profile. Toward the top, there’s a link for Edit Personal Information. Click that. In the “Bio” section, you can type in words and/or html there.

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