Kiss my bumper, just kiss it

I love when people kiss your ass like there’s no tomorrow when they want something from you, then pretend like it never happened when they don’t need you anymore.

Edit – May 31, 2007 8:42 PM: I realize now that the statement “kiss your ass like there’s no tomorrow” doesn’t make any sense, haha. Why would someone kiss your ass if there was no tomorrow? They wouldn’t have anything to gain. But I think you understood my point.  😉


10 Comments to “Kiss my bumper, just kiss it”

  1. So True
    Hey I agree so much, there’s this old dude that keeps asking for advice about how to interview for a job in English and how to write an effective resume and cover letter, then he turns around and commercializes what I told him. After that experience he had the nerves to call me back again for more info, and I finally said, “You use me as your information booth and turn around and commercialize it, that’s not cool” (I somewhat stepped over the line, cuz he’s a lot older, but he crossed the line by playing me for a chump), then he tells me he’s got a wealth of cover letter samples and resume samples, then I told him, yeah those samples were all copied and pasted from the internet, and all my ex-corporate buddies and current corporate buddies tell me they’re sick of seeing the same resume, cover letters and hearing the same interview answers.
    I told him you better recognize, I worked for a corporation (not as a customer service rep, that doesn’t count) and writing is a skill and talent, which I know I have, then he told me he’s a Christian man, then I replied, that’s more reasons not to trust you, so I told him you either put money on the table and stop asking me for samples, pass some work this way, then we’ll talk or otherwise don’t call me, then he said he’ll call me back later!!!!
    Sorry I was so long-winded but I had to get this off my chest, just hung up with this dude a few minutes ago.

  2. Oops…BTW
    I also sent you an email about this but just in case
    Check this site out;jsessionid=A6EBF98BDF62813EC204B7B9091AC606
    It’s a site that Pete Townsend from the Who made and you record your voice, rhythm, noise, etc and it creates your custom theme music, but do it by today or otherwise it’s not free anymore.

  3. MMmm people.
    This is wht I prefer animals. They at least have integrity. Heh.

  4. Thank You
    Thank you for your empathy, that’s why I love my Booger
    Booger, then:
    Look at that Belly
    Booger, now:
    Here's winkin' at you girl
    BTW: I named him after Booger the character from the Revenge of the Nerds (thought he was cool)

  5. Re: So True
    Wow, the fact that he did that to you after you were nice enough to help him in the first place (and you didn’t have to) is a total breach of trust. I hate when people do that because we need more nice people as it is. The few people that are good-hearted won’t want to be so nice anymore (with good reason) because of other people taking advantage of them!

  6. Also…
    I also can’t stand when people use their religion as an excuse for others to treat them well (yet they don’t treat people well themselves). I treat people based on their actions and who they are. I really don’t care about their religion. (Unless they are part of something extreme/rare that believes in killing everyone or something).
    If he was a true Christian and followed the teachings of Jesus, then he wouldn’t be so shady in the first place! So many Christians point the finger at things that are supposedly “sins” but they themselves aren’t good people. I’m not a christian, but I know if I was, that would really make me mad how people give the religion such a bad name.

  7. Maybe it means that a person would kiss your arse a lot more if they knew there was no tomorrow, sort of to make the best of it? Like that guy who was told he had cancer and was going to die so he spent all his money, didn’t pay his mortgage, then found out they made a mistake… heh.
    Hey, you’re back. I just noticed that you added me with this new account. Can’t remember your password to your other one? 🙂 I need to play catchup on your journal. Good to see you back on tho.

  8. HEY! Good to hear from you.
    I started this journal because I wanted a fresh start kind of. I wanted to separate the really personal entries from the general stuff that’s going on/or my ramblings about unimportant stuff haha. Also, my other journal had some stupid drama a while back. I’m still keeping that old journal for when I have personal non-public stuff to post.
    But I’m mostly going to post in this new one.
    Man, that story about the guy who was diagnosed with cancer – what a double-edged sword! On the one hand, he was happy to not have cancer. On the other, he did all this stuff he shouldn’t have!
    I need to play catch up with your lj also!

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