I finally have the internet again!

I haven’t had the internet on my own computer for a year. I’ve been using friend’s computers, my work computer, and library computers. But today, Comcast came. And I got lucky –  I actually got a tech who was great. He was kind and he hooked up the wires in the house the right way without me even having to explain what I wanted. (The main computer is far away from a cable jack).  I’ve had major problems with Comcast in the past, so I was happy. I didn’t even mind that he was 15 mins past the window of 12:30-4:30 they gave me since he was actually competent. The only reason I even have Comcast is because Verizon DSL doesn’t have service in the area I’m in just yet.

I’m living in Mount Washington now. I still have crap to clean up at my old apartment but I’m not staying at the Essex apartment anymore.

I go walking a lot for exercise and to help de-stress. I’ve taken hour long walks without problems.  So I didn’t think a few days ago that taking a walk in this neighborhood would be a big deal. Boy, was I wrong. Where I live now is full of hills and so for the next couple days afterwards, all these muscles I don’t think I’ve ever felt before were aching. There were muscles in my butt cheeks, my calves, and other parts of my legs that hurt. But I guess that’s a good thing because I’m getting better exercise now!


17 Comments to “I finally have the internet again!”

  1. Yay for the net ‘
    BTW I love your icon. Can I steal it ?

  2. Re: Yay for the net ‘
    Absolutely. I didn’t make it anyway hehe.

  3. Re: Yay for the net ‘
    Thanks ! What is that in your mouth in the icon ?

  4. Re: Yay for the net ‘
    a cherry. 😉

  5. Congrats
    Just wanted to let you know I’m stoked, good to see you getting back on your feet and returning to a routine after your illness. Since you have the ‘net again, I created an English language podcast using your song in the intro and outro, if you want to check it out the URL is http://eunhahair.weebly.com or http://eunhahair.blogspot.com Let me know what you think. Please don’t laugh too much 😦 Thank you once again for letting me use your song.

  6. Re: Congrats
    Awesome! Thanks for giving me the link. I will have to check it out when I’m at home.
    No problem, you can use the song anytime! 🙂 I will evenntuually have new stuff. But that’s a while away.
    I know the internet is a lot faster in a lot of other countries vs. America. Is it super-fast where you are?

  7. Re: Congrats
    Girl, let me tell you something, we don’t have wi-fi here, we have wi-bro (bro = broadband), and you wonder why kids hang out at starbucks all day!!! Are you using a mac?? I plan to finally buy one this November or whenever the Leopard OS comes out (iPhone won’t come out here til 2008). Garage Band until you get some new stuff???

  8. Re: Congrats
    Definitely a mac user 😉
    I’m going to probably buy a new computer because I have an emac from Dec. 2003. I’m also waiting until OS 10.5 comes out. I have 10.3.9 and I’m guessing once 10.5 comes out, a lot of stuff won’t work on 10.3 (like how a lot of stuff didn’t work for 10.2 once 10.4 came out). I also have 1.1 USB ports which weren’t an issue at all until I got my ipod shuffle.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have Garageband because I bought my emac just before garageband came out and was included with all macs. There’s no point in buying it either since I will get a new computer in the not too distant future (I hope).
    I was excited about the iPhone. Then I found out it was only available on Cingular in the states. (Although they might eventually go to other networks once their exclusivity deal is out). But now that I found out the iPhone can connect to the internet through either the cell phone company OR through a wi-fi connection, I’m considering it. It’s still a good buy considering it’s an iPod and internet device. (And more).
    What kind of mac are you considering? I’m thinking about iMac. But who knows what might come out in a few months?!

  9. Re: Congrats
    “2.How is your puppy?
    She’s good
    She’s crazy.”
    Haha, I like the She’s Crazy one.
    I bet it’s awesome to teach another language. You are opening up a whole world to people! You are changing their lives. 🙂

  10. Re: Congrats
    Well, if my video production deal goes through, Mac Pro (or is it G5??), if not then the iMac. you know the funny thing, I’ve always been an Apple fan without owning a Mac. My g/f’s uncle is such a poser, he said he was a graphic designer for a big bank, and I asked him which Mac he uses and he said he uses a PC, from then on, I totally disrespected him and viewed him as a poser, was I wrong?? Even in Korea the real graphics guys use Macs. Was I wrong??

  11. Re: Congrats
    Not at all.
    My original major in college was graphic design. The first day of class, my teacher asked “who owns a mac?” and people raised their hands. to the people who didn’t, she said “either buy a mac or change your major”. HAHAA. Once they did projects on the macs at school, they all realized the difference and switched.

  12. Re: Congrats
    I hate it for the fact that, if you explain something to me 3 to 4 times, I get the concept. Here, everybody has the test-taking mentality (TOEFL, TOEIC, College Entrance Exam), they expect standard questions and answers.
    When I explain How is/How was, for example…
    How is/are…if it’s a living thing (animals or humans)
    He/She/Name is… should automatically come outta your mouth
    I am… They are… you know!!! 3 months later, they still don’t get it!!!
    Not living
    It is…should automatically come out followed by an adjective!
    That’s what pisses me off.
    But the positive is that when they get it (even one) I’m totally stoked and want to work hard.

  13. Re: Congrats
    Never answered my question, whether disrepcting him was wrong for it, hahahaha, and what are you doing up so late on a school nite???

  14. Re: Congrats
    “Not at all”. You weren’t wrong for that. That’s like if someone says they are a classical pianist but they have ridiculously long finger nails. Sure, they can somewhat do it, but they can’t get the job done with that hinderance.
    And good luck with the video production deal.

  15. Re: Congrats
    I’m sure teaching a language is very challenging, so anyone would get frustrated at times. I give you a lot of props for doing what you do!

  16. Re: Congrats
    Hope you get that paper, (4yr degree thingie), come teach here. It’s very addicting. Yet Seoul is a big city, I have a love/hate relationship with the city, yet it’s so addicting. I don’t know if I could live in the States again. Even a lot of the foreigners here I know, said they can only take the States in small doses now, so there’s a lotta long termers here once they get here.

  17. Re: Congrats
    In Korean, if you say Crazy, it’s not a good thing, mental problems, but I have a Jack Russell terrier, and he’s crazy so I try to explain crazy in English depending on the context is different from crazy in Korean.

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