Earbuds don’t fit!

Am I the only one that has this problem?

No earbuds I have ever tried on even come close to fitting.  Everyone I tell has never heard of this.  Are my ears really that small? It’s just kind of annoying because nowadays, the electronics that come with headphones/earphones now come with earbuds, which are useless to me.

I’d just like to know if I am the only one because yahoo/google searches I’ve done on this have come up with virtually nothing on this. (Just the same person posting over and over on different websites how a certain brand didn’t fit his ears, but other brands did. Remember, no brands I’ve tried so far fit).


13 Comments to “Earbuds don’t fit!”

  1. What kind of earbuds are you using? I use Skullcandy earbuds with my iPod and they have three different sizes of the rubber earpieces included; they come on and off pretty easily, and they sound fantastic.

  2. I always found earbuds to be uncomfortable. I never though it was because they didn’t fit, but who knows. It’s been years since I’ve even used them.

  3. I’ve tried several brands that friends have. I bought a pair of cheap regular headphones that came with earbuds for free, and those earbuds didn’t fit – it was jWin. The ones with my iPod shufle don’t fit. Ones they make for cell phones hands free kits don’t work. I had a friend help me just in case I was doing it wrong, and he was like wow, that’s weird. There’s no way that’s going to fit! So yeah… I don’t know haha.
    I’ll have to look into Skullcandy, thanks!

  4. yeah, i wish when you buy an ipod that you could choose earbuds or other ones. oh well.

  5. cool. the link doesn’t work, though. i’ll try again later, maybe it’ll work then.

  6. I’ve seen them in both FYE and Staples. I think you’ll like how they fit and how they sound very much.

  7. I usually used my Sony headphones that I used with my Discman until I discovered Skullcandy. One of the only times I ever used my standard iPod earbuds was when I was getting my hair dyed (I still keep them in my iPod case just in case)

  8. I just hate to buy earbuds, even the ones with different sizes. because you can’t try them on in the store and then you’re stuck with them if they don’t fit, unless the store actually will let you bring them back without a fight. I wish I could try them on there.

  9. I think it’s a Korean thing!
    Love my iPod w/ Vid 80GB, hate the earbuds. I especially hate it when they start slipping off while I’m doing some heavy a** bench press or squats!!

  10. Re: I think it’s a Korean thing!
    Are our ears shaped differently or something?!
    I want to get the earhook ones but I wear glasses a lot. So I don’t want that to be uncomfortable. Oh well…

  11. Re: I think it’s a Korean thing!
    My g/f saw your pic (that polaroid pic on that dude’s blog and your other younger pics heh heh heh) and yelled at me saying I know too many strange/weird people (she thinks I’m strange too), girl’s a little old school LOL

  12. Re: I think it’s a Korean thing!
    Jeez. I hope she didn’t see the halloween one where I have the strait jacket and mask on my face haha.
    If she thinks you’re strange, then it means she knows strange people, too 😉

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