Probably the best billboard I have ever seen

Natty Boh Guy + Utz Girl = Love!

I love this billboard! I saw it for the first time on April 29th when I was walking from XS (awesome sushi restaurant) to Club Charles (nice bar with a trapeze). 

From those not from Baltimore or the surrounding areas, here’s an explanation: The guy on his knees is “Mr. Boh” a.k.a. “The Natty Boh guy” (Natty Boh = shortened name for National Bohemian). You see just the head on the cans/bottles of National Bohemian beer and merchandise.  The girl eating the bag of chips is the Utz girl. Utz is a snack food company and Utz products are really popular in Baltimore, especially ones with Old Bay seasoning (something else you’ve probably never heard of if you’re not from the area). 

Natty Boh was originally brewed in Baltimore and even though Utz is from Hanover, PA, it’s popular here. Also, both the Natty Boh guy sign and the Utz girl sign are big red signs you can see from miles away when you are driving in or near Baltimore city. They are often used as landmarks when people are lost while driving. 

Yes, that’s right people from Baltimore who have never lived anywhere else: Not everyone has heard of Natty Boh, Utz, Old Bay, (and while I’m discussing this) Tastykake (from Philly), or Dominos Sugar. When I first moved to Baltimore, I thought the Natty Boh guy was the Pringles guy haha. I had seen Utz once in the grocery store before moving here. It was in the “Generic Section” of the commissary in Ohio when I lived there. They were selling big bags for about 39 cents. I’d never seen it again until coming to Baltiomore. (Yes, the aisle was actually labeled the generic aisle. How dare they? Haha).  Utz is only available in a 400 mile radius from Hanover.
The other brands of food, I’d never seen, heard of, or eaten before moving to Baltimore. Other parts of the country have brands that Baltimore hasn’t heard about.  Some Baltimoreans get really surprised when I mention this.  


6 Comments to “Probably the best billboard I have ever seen”

  1. Wait, they don’t have TASTY CAKES everywhere? How did I not know that?

  2. Only the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern parts of the country have it. I heard some rich people who moved out of the area have it shipped to their homes because they miss it.
    When I first moved to Baltimore and went to school here, I was like WTF?! Tastykake? What’s Tastykake? I want my Hostess! Because they only sold Tastykake desserts at school. I thought Tastykake was a generic version, until someone explained it’s a mid-atlantic thing. (You know how schools buy super-cheap generic stuff, that’s why I thought that haha).

  3. The Natty Boh guy does look like the pringles guy! 🙂

  4. I know hehe, it’s cute! I wonder if their mascots/logos were made around the same time. Or maybe by the same artist. That kind of look was popular many decades ago, so it could have been done during the same time period. I should look that up sometime hehe.

  5. That is extremely cute and you need to tell me how it was living in Ohio, I’ve been contemplating Cleveland. Not for about 4 years but still.

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