Lady Sovereign is not 8 years old

Original entry and comments:

I don’t have MTV. So I sometimes have to rely on other people’s descriptions of popular culture beyond the songs themselves. People will explain some dance move in a music video or an interview on TRL. The thing is, you can’t always count on people’s descriptions.

For some reason, several people have told me that Lady Sovereign is an 8 year old black girl from England. I found out a few months ago that isn’t the case. She’s a chav in her twenties that looks like a yo’d out version of Sporty Spice. When I’ve told a few people this, they argued with me. They swore up and down that she’s a little black girl. Maybe someone fitting that description guest starred on a song or something, but all you have to do to see that I’m right is do an internet search or just look her up on Wikipedia. Or… GO TO HER WEBSITE. Geez. Why would I make this up? Love me or hate me, I am telling you the truth.

I think people don’t want to believe this because they won’t like her anymore. I don’t hold the belief that “white people shouldn’t rap.”. I believe that if you have the talent, ability, personality, presence, etc. you can rap regardless of your skin color. But the fact that she sounds like a little girl but really isn’t might change people’s opinions. Not only does her voice sound like a child’s but her rapping style and lyrics do, too. A little kid can get away with a lot more than an adult.


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