Eyes, veins, and ghost veins

Original entries and comments: http://cherryteresa.greatestjournal.com/2007/02/09/

I went to the eye doctor’s after work yesterday for an exam and to get more contacts and glasses. I learned something almost disturbing about my eyes. My vision is really bad and I have a high prescription. That was no surprise. But apparently with the high prescription I have, it is not recommended that I wear the type of colored contacts I was wearing. The last I doctor I went to apparently should have never prescribed them for me. Because of my wearing these thicker lenses that aren’t as breathable, I’ve grown all these veins in my eyes! He said that growing veins is a good thing for any part of the body except the eyes. And he said over time it could lead to blindness. Oh my goodness!
He prescribed me Acuvue Oasis lenses. And the commercials are right; they do feel a lot better on the eyes. But he said the reason he was putting me in the Oasis lenses is because they’re supposed to be healthier for the eyes and they can breathe better. I was able to take a trial pair home and will get the rest in a week or two.
I asked him if the veins situation would get better or if I was stuck with all these extra veins. He said it usually improves. But what might happen is that I could get what he called “ghost veins”. Veins that aren’t active but still exist. The blood just doesn’t go there anymore. Weird! But he said that’s a lot better than the way things are now.
I got these cool glasses. They are rectangular and dark violet. They have these cool rhinestones on the sides. I almost got a pair of these red cat eyes but I realize the last pair of glasses I had were burgundy cat eyes with rhinestones on the side, so these would be the similar to my last pair but almost like a step down. Plus, when I got the cat eyes, not that many people had them then compared to now. Not that I really care that. A lot of people have rectangular lenses. Anyway, the new glasses will take about 2 weeks for me to get them. I want them now because my other glasses are broken. But at least I have the more comfortable contacts, so I can deal. I’ll post pictures of the new glasses after I get them.
Anyway, my advice to anyone with horrible vision is not to get colored contacts. That is, unless they invent better contacts. I just hope they don’t find out ten years from now that Oasis gives you cancer or something.


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