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February 23, 2007

Disco no more

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The disco band thing isn’t happening for now… or ever. The only people who want to do it anymore are Matt (drummer) and myself. Everyone changes their mind and they don’t want to do it anymore.

February 13, 2007

Valentine’s Loser?

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I’m not the type of person that’s like “Oh my god, I can’t live without a boyfriend”. I actually think I’m too comfortable being single sometimes and that I might not ever want to get married because I like being alone and I might be too picky. I’m not extremely picky about who I’ll date, but I am about who I’ll be in a “relationship” with.
I actually think having two separate beds and pushing them together when you want to be closer to each other is a good idea! I know it’s not for everyone, but it may be right for me.

But for some stupid reason, I let society’s dumb ideas get to me on Valentine’s Day. I don’t buy into the frenzy of how society and corporations make you think you have to get into thousands of dollars in debt around the holidays in December. I’m “above that”. So why does Valentine’s Day bother me? I don’t like being single this time of year. I don’t know what bothers me more – being single on Valentine’s Day or the fact that I let it bother me. Also, does it make me a loser that I haven’t had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day since the 9th grade? I’ve had boyfriends since then, just not on Valentine’s Day. I even broke up with someone right before the day. It wasn’t on purpose, it just happened to be around that time.
I can’t wait until tomorrow is over.

February 9, 2007

Eyes, veins, and ghost veins

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I went to the eye doctor’s after work yesterday for an exam and to get more contacts and glasses. I learned something almost disturbing about my eyes. My vision is really bad and I have a high prescription. That was no surprise. But apparently with the high prescription I have, it is not recommended that I wear the type of colored contacts I was wearing. The last I doctor I went to apparently should have never prescribed them for me. Because of my wearing these thicker lenses that aren’t as breathable, I’ve grown all these veins in my eyes! He said that growing veins is a good thing for any part of the body except the eyes. And he said over time it could lead to blindness. Oh my goodness!
He prescribed me Acuvue Oasis lenses. And the commercials are right; they do feel a lot better on the eyes. But he said the reason he was putting me in the Oasis lenses is because they’re supposed to be healthier for the eyes and they can breathe better. I was able to take a trial pair home and will get the rest in a week or two.
I asked him if the veins situation would get better or if I was stuck with all these extra veins. He said it usually improves. But what might happen is that I could get what he called “ghost veins”. Veins that aren’t active but still exist. The blood just doesn’t go there anymore. Weird! But he said that’s a lot better than the way things are now.
I got these cool glasses. They are rectangular and dark violet. They have these cool rhinestones on the sides. I almost got a pair of these red cat eyes but I realize the last pair of glasses I had were burgundy cat eyes with rhinestones on the side, so these would be the similar to my last pair but almost like a step down. Plus, when I got the cat eyes, not that many people had them then compared to now. Not that I really care that. A lot of people have rectangular lenses. Anyway, the new glasses will take about 2 weeks for me to get them. I want them now because my other glasses are broken. But at least I have the more comfortable contacts, so I can deal. I’ll post pictures of the new glasses after I get them.
Anyway, my advice to anyone with horrible vision is not to get colored contacts. That is, unless they invent better contacts. I just hope they don’t find out ten years from now that Oasis gives you cancer or something.

February 5, 2007

Past weekend-photo shoot, mall walking, etc.

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This past weekend was a nice one. Friday night, I went to see the fabulous Big in Japan at the Ottobar. They are the type of band that you really go there for the music because it is so good. You don’t just go see them because it’s something to do. But it does also end up being a social event because I’ll see people that I know at the shows. (Lennex is one of those bands for me, too. But they were playing a little too far away on Friday, in Arlington, VA).

Saturday during the day, my friend Adam and I went to Arundel Mills Mall to walk. Last week, we went to Towson Mall and Eastpoint the week before. Yes, that’s right, I have turned into a crazy mall walker. No, but really, it’s a good way to stay motivated during the wintertime. I don’t want to walk in the cold weather, especially the way it’s been the past couple of days. But I want to still exercise. I can’t afford a gym membership and from bad stories I’ve heard, the only gyms I would want to join are the non-chain ones, which I notice cost even more money. (I’m not bashing gyms, I’m just saying they’re not for me. At least not right now, maybe they will be in the future). So walking in the mall solves the problem of not wanting to join a gym but not wanting to walk out in the cold. I wish I‘d thought about this a couple years ago when I lived in a neighborhood where you don’t want to walk outside any time of the year. Oh well. Better late than never.

Saturday night, I went to see Eleven 54 and Ballyhoo! at the Stone Cellar in Ellicott City. (It’s the basement of the Blue Point Grille). The show was really fun and the Stone Cellar is a place I like to visit here and there. If you live in the area, you’ve probably heard of it. But those who don’t venture outside of Baltimore city often for places to hang out might consider it a nice little hidden gem. The crowd seemed to be a nice mix of regulars who go there all the time and those who ventured out solely for the bands.

Sunday, I went to do a photo shoot for Jim Lucio, a.k.a. Defekto. It’s going to be in Gutter Magazine. It wasn’t what I expected, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. He told me he’d have clothes there from Killer Trash but to also bring some of my own. I obviously had no idea of the clothes he wanted me to bring, because none of it was right. Luckily, what he wanted me to wear that he had actually fit me. One of the outfits I wore ended up being these baby blue plastic pants with suspenders with a silver scarf and the type of hat you saw men wear in old movies and some older men still wear today. But I liked the hat. I ended up kind of looking like a 90s raver who took the wrong drugs and tried to look like they were from the 1920s and poor. But the way Jim puts together weird things ends up working somehow. He has visions, and from what I’ve been told and what I’ve seen, you have to just trust it. One of the many things that I like and respect about Jim is his idea of “beauty” or “art”. None of the people he chose to be in the photo shoot looked anything alike at all. They were people of different sizes and shapes and just totally different looks and people with different features. I think a true artist has the ability to see things in a certain way, if that makes sense. Anyway, the other concept he came up with for me to wear is weird! You will probably get a good laugh. And trust me when I say you won’t be able to tell that it’s me when you see the pictures. I’d explain more about what the shoot was like, but really you’ll just find out from the photos when they come out. I will post either the photos or the link to them when the time comes.