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August 22, 2006

Pleassseeee help me not be so bored in Baltimore anymore.

Original entry:

I don’t think I’ve ever been so bored out of my mind than I have been this past year and a half or so. I wasn’t able to go out and was just under bed rest.
But now that I’ve recently started going out again, not much has gotten better because this town has changed now it seems. All new people are going to Fletchers now and the old crowd isn’t there like it used to be. Tax Lo on Friday nights isn’t what it used to be either, but that’s been happening for a long time now. Both those places are becoming more and more like Bohagers. And remember when Underground/Brit Pop used to be paccccccked at the Ottobar? Now hardly anyone goes and they’re canceling it soon! What is going on? I mean, if worst came to worst and there was nothing going on, you could go to the Depot and always have a blast there on a Friday night. But hardly anyone has been going there for about three years now. (But that was because everyone went to TaxLo instead, but those people stopped going, so what happened?)

There used to be so many good local shows in this area that you had to pick and choose and you’d feel bad that you had to miss a bunch of good shows to see the one you were going to that night. Now, a bunch of bands that I used to go see either broke up, are on hiatus, or don’t play out anymore in the area much/at all.

I feel sooooo out of the loop. Either everyone has decided to get married and have kids and no longer go out anymore. Or everyone is going to new places and I just don’t know about it and neither do my friends.


I’m going to see Agents of the Sun at the House of Rock on Friday. And then on Sept. 9, I will be seeing Lennex @ Recher. But other than that, WHAT IS GOING ON? PLEEEEEASE help me.

You know, when I was in a band and playing shows, there was allllll this stuff going on that I’d miss. (Not that I’m complaining, just stating a fact here). When I was very ill, all this stuff was going on but I couldn’t go either. But now that I’m a bored person with just a job and who has to go out and have a social life in order to not want to kill myself, nothing is going on.

I know I might sound mental in this posting. That’s because I’m seriously so bored that I’m about to go crazy. So any help would be appreciated. Otherwise, I’m going to move out of this town when I save up the money. I’m not kidding. Because I know every scene has high points and low points. But whenever there were “low points” they didn’t suck this much and didn’t last this long.