Surgery on Monday… recording new songs soon

Original entry and comments:

Why am I feeling a little bix anxious right now? I have another surgery coming up on Monday. I’m hoping that this surgery will be much more of a success than my last one was. The recovery time is expected to be longer, though. About six weeks. But I’m hoping the results will be worth it. I just want my old life back! Or rather, a progressed version of what my life was about a year ago.

I’m also anxious in a good way about going back to the studio! I’ve been working out ideas with glittaChris and Derek. And we are going to be recording as soon as I’ve recovered from my surgery as Project BlueBird. I’m very excited about this, as we’ve been wanting to work together for quite some time, but we were always seriously involved in something else. This is going to sound like nothing you’ve heard from any of else invidually, or in other bands. And it’s nothing you’ve heard yet everything you’ve heard before. We have been working on a very cool sound that will include different aspects in different songs such as electronic, pop, funk, classical, hip pop, trip pop, international/asian, industrial, and early to mid 90s sounds and even some surf type and 60s stuff here and there. The main elements in every song will be the electronic/pop/funk/classical things mixed together in a way that blurs the genres together into a whole new one. We are all very excited about this and I can’t wait to go into the studio shortly. We’ll be posting the tracks as they are completed on myspace. I’ll update on here as well when that happens.


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