I played my last shows w/Skitzo Calypso


Well this weekend was fun. But bittersweet. The last two shows I played with Skitzo Calypso…

Friday night was a lot of fun. A lot of people I didn’t expect to be there were there. Some people took off last minute, which I had no idea! The Local H fans were very supportive and got into it. Local H rocks! And the Giraffes… they are awesome! Especially Damien, who has the same name and looks a lot like my betta fish (with his big flared up hair that swoops down lmao). He was HILARIOUS when he came over and talked to me and my friends at the sub joint next door.

Saturday, the party was really fun. I wasn’t looking forward to the blazing sun and heat. But luckily where the girl and her family lived (it was her private bday party she has every year and they hire local bands to play… i wish my parents did that!), it was on huge land (with horses!) and lots of hills and stuff. And plenty of cool breezes and shade. Lots of yummy food, too. I basically just ate a lot of fruits they had there. And pop rock that turns into bubble gum! I didn’t know Voodoo Blue has a Haagen Daas trailer. That totally kicks ass. They were really sweet and played a great set. It was the first time I saw them as a three piece. Dan kept saying how much they sucked because they’d been in the studio for a while and not playing out. But I thought they were really tight. I’d go to their show at Recher this weekend but I have no ride and no money. Plus it’s gonna be mad crowded so probably no room for me to sit when I need to.

So a chapter of my life has closed. But happy memories! The guys were soo sweet and so was Mr. Gary and Mrs. Lynn. Even Gary’s aunt! They were always like family to me.. the boys and the crew, and they still are. I thought I was going to cry they were being so friggin’ sweet (okay, not really cry but you know what I mean). Mrs. Lynn said to still come over to hang out and eat and stuff (her and her husband almost always cooked us amazing home-cooked meals that we’d eat after practice). Mrs. Lynn was really there for me a lot and I could always talk to her about stuff. The Holmes are such a beautiful family! The parents are what I’d want to be if I end up having kids. They aren’t “too cool” – meaning they aren’t so cool that they set no limits or boundaries or don’t teach their kids values, responsibilities, and morals. But they aren’t “too parenty” either – meaning they’re not constantly being too strict or telling them that being in a band is wasting their life away – they’re EXTREMELY supportive. The perfect balance of coolness and parent-ness!

Anyways now I’m focusing on getting better and getting back to work – in the “corporate” sense and musically. Been working a lot on some music to pass the time since I can’t drive and stuff. But it’s actually a cool thing. I mean I have all the time in the world to play and make music in the meantime. I have a couple of appointments next week, so I’ll have a better idea of when my surgeries will be scheduled. Can’t wait to move on but at the same time staying positive out of a sucky situation. Also, I’ve been working on re-doing my website, http://www.cherryteresa.com. I don’t know how long it’ll take to complete, but it’s been cool to have some time to mess around with the site as well.

I’m in a MMMOOOOOUNNNNTAIN of Debt and it’s only going to get way worse! hahaha thank god for all the “chill pills” I”m on or I’d be freaking out of my mind about it. I just realize there’s nothing I can do with it and I’ll deal with it and it’ll eventually be okay. With time… 😉


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