My last show w/Skitzo Calypso

Original entry and comments:

G-d, it’s friggin’ HOT! Anyways…

Skitzo Calypso and I are parting ways. The guys I have been in this band with in the past three years have become like family to me – my bros. And we will remain that way. We love and respect each other very much as people and musicians and that will not change. Believe me, this was a very difficult decision for me to make.

Friday’s show at the Royal with Local H will be my last show with the band. I hope you can make it as I’d love to see you guys. Plus, Local H rockssss!

There’s still tickets available so you can either get in contact with me or contact Brad at

This band was truly an amazing part of my life that I will always look back with fond memories. To my bros, I will never take for granted or forget all you’ve done for me and all the great times we’ve had together. It’s rare to find even just one person who you can bond with not just musically but personally, but to find a group who is like that and shares your passions is incredible. I know how incredibly lucky I was and I wish you (and I know that you will have) the best of success in the future.

To all the Skitzo Calypso supporters I’ve met over the past three years, I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendship and support. I still consider you my friends and hope you feel the same way about me!

So anyways, Friday night will be good times. For more info on the show and how to get to the Royal, visit

Upcoming Shows:

June 10th
Local H
The Royal

  • June 10 2005 – w/LOCAL H @ The Royal (Baltimore, MD)
  • June 11 2005 – Private Party w/Voodoo Blue, Rundown Perish and Saravain (Baltimore County, MD)
  • June 18 2005 – The Cellar Stage (Baltimore, MD)
  • June 25 2005 – Coyotes/X106.9 LIVE (Seaford, DE)
  • JULY 11 2005 –

    All Ages

  • Aug 13 2005 – Coyotes (Seaford, DE)
  • Oct 2 2005 – Custom Car Show at the Equestrian Center (Bel Air, MD)
  • Thanks for all the memories.


    P.S. – This doesn’t mean I am quitting music. Music always has been and always will be a passion of mine that I focus on.


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