One fish, two fish

[2:09 am]
Subject: One fish, two fish…
Mood : tired
Music : Elliott Smith “Everything Means Nothing to Me”

I got new fish! I got two African dwarf frogs (Keroppi and Karaoke), two male guppies (Tiger and Oil Spill – because of what their tails look like), two female guppies (Abanica -“fan” in Spanish because of her tail) and Anaranjada. A golden snail named Slush Puppy. A Ghost Shrimp (who rocks – he looks like a cross between a sea monkey and a crawfish) named Dr. Zoidberg (I Know Dr Z isn’t a ghost shrimp but he reminds me of him). And a neon tetra named Caliente (as in “hot” because of the neon color… I love how when it’s dark he loses his color.. but when you turn the lights on he’ll be all white but the color comes back in a couple minutes). I have these lillipads that the frogs love jumping on top of and chillin’ on… and the Dr. Z likes to hang upside down from one ahahhaahaha. I just wish Geoffrey was here to see the new fish. He’d like them.

I’ve been having migraines and upper respitory tract infection and so I’m heavily medicated. I’m on codeine and prescription strength Motrin (400 mg). The codeine is a painkiller and makes you … not sleepy.. but in a mini coma type feeling. So I’m off to bed. I’m getting that “I feel like jello” feeling starting to come back. Good night.


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