Confession / R.I.P. Geoffrey the fish

Subject: Confession…
Mood : embarrassed
Music : Ashlee Simpson “Lala”

I must admit this. The guilt is eating at me.

Okay, here it goes: I’ve been listening to Ashlee Simpson non-stop lately. HAHAA. This is my first “guilty pleasure”. I’ll listen to N Sync, Britney, Xtina, New Kids, Kriss Kross, Vanilla Ice, etc and am proud of it. No guiltiness whatsoever. Oh yeah, and Joey Lawrence and Ace of Base. But this is ridiculous! I can’t get her songs out of my head. There, I said it. I admitted it. Damnit.
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[1:45 am]
Subject: R.I.P. Geoffrey
Mood : sad

My poor betta fish – Geoffrey – that Cait bought for me in the fall died today! He was acting a little weird yesterday so I kept my eye on him. This morning I checked on him and he was fine. When I came home tonight, he had passed away!!!!!!!! He was a beautiful blue, calm fish. And he was healthy, too. Or so I thought. Making a nest all the time (when they have bubbles on the top of the water – means they’re happy and in the “mating mood” – which is good haha). I feel like a horrible, horrible, horrible mother. 😦 I am upset! I don’t know what I did wrong, I always took care of him. And I just got him a new friend, Damien (a beautiful red beta) so he wouldn’t be bored. Of course they didn’t swim together (they’d attack each other) but at least if they are by each other, they can be stimulated and not be so bored. Plus it’s healthy for them to flare up at each other here and there. He is so adorable, too. When I’d come home and come up to the tank, he’d get all excited and stare at me.

R.I.P Geoffrey 😦


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