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February 24, 2005


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Even if Ashlee Simpson lip syncs, uses a backing track,… whatever you wanna call it… she’s still a lot better than Avril Lavigne. Is that a compliment or insult? You decide.

I like WHFS better now that’s it’s on 105.7. It’s like the old HFS. Playing the newest bands but also the great older classics like the Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, the Clash, Bowie, The Talking Heads, Hole, and the B-sides to different artists. It’s great. I don’t think I’ve even heard one single emo song on the station yet haha.

No more fashizzle my nizzle and all the izzle’s. It’s over!! Enough!

My car is dead. The engine is out. So I’m bumming rides off people. Probably gonna have to end up renting a car for the weekend. To make light of a bad situation, I’m gonna be pimp in my rental car, blast the music, and pull the seat back all thugged out like it’s actually my car. So used to driving a hoopty. My rental car wil actually have speakers that work and a CD player *gasp!* I didn’t really mind my car being a P.O.S., as long as it got me from point a to point b. Well, that’s no longer the case. My ’93 Volvo that’s got stickers of bands I liked in high school that for some reason I just can’t bring myself to take off. Like the ollllld skool Good Charlotte sticker I have from ’99. The sticker is probably worth more than my car.

Speaking of Good Charlotte, does anyone notice a trend of pop punk bands now? Instead of the blonde spiky happy hair, they’ve all gone to wearing all black and having black hair and male polish. Billy Joe from Green Day, the GC guys, Sum 41, and then a bunch of fucking generic ass pop punk bands that I can’t decipher the different ones from each other.

One more person has been added to the list of female pop stars who should never attempt to rap again: Gwen Stefani. (Others guilty are Avril and Madonna). I mean Gwen’s got definite pop star appeal (notice I said POP star, not rock star… not saying that’s a bad thing) but what’s up with this absolute OBSESSION with the Harajuku girls? Did she have to make a rap song about them on top of references to them in every song? It’s not that I have a problem with her fascination of Asian culture (I’m asian for god’s sakes) but there’s something peculiar about it. And the lyrics are tacky. But I guess maybe it’s like how male rap stars have their bitches that just follow them around and do what they tell them to and are there just there to look hot in the music videos – I guess maybe this is Gwen’s way of having her own “bitches” but the difference here is that she actually respects them? I dunno. I’m done caring. I find it odd that she admits all of the sudden that she’s fascinated with modern Japanese fashion when I knew she was taking from them ever since Tragic Kingdom came out.