Planned Communities Suck… at least this one does

Mood : confused
Music : Lacuna Coil “Heaven’s a Lie”

I wanna know who decided Columbia, MD was cool? Edward Norton’s grandfather? In order to make things attractive, they hide everything. Then how the hell are you supposed to find anything?! Shopping centers are hidden on curves on bottom of hills behind trees with no signs telling you it’s there. ON PURPOSE. Because that’s part of the planned community’s plan. What kind of plan is this?! And while I’m not this huge corporation type person, why do all the shopping center signs have generic green or red signs on each store and no logo? You can’t find anything without almost getting in an accident! And why is everything ridiculously expensive there? I thought the point of the community was to have all types of income levels be able to co-exist with each other.

It took me a couple weeks to finally find one of the Quiznos in Columbia. I was on a mission. I finally found it the other day. I loooove that place.


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