Chopped Liver

Mood frustrated
Music Genesis "No Son of Mine"

I don’t fake and bake. I don’t line my lips with darker liner than my lipstick so that I have pretend puffy lips. (I thought that trend went out in ’97 anyways). I’m not blonde and in fact I tried it once and I look horrible with it. I don’t push my pants down so half my underwear shows. I don’t talk in an unnaturally high and obnoxvious voice. I didn’t date anyone in my band to get in it. I don’t separate my eyelashes to perfection. I don’t have a rooster hairstyle that I claim is a "faux hawk". I believe if a chick wants a mohawk, she should shave the sides of her hair. I don’t post half naked pics of myself on myspace that I took in my bathroom and then claim to be a model. I guess this makes me chopped liver.
Oh and I also think it’s lame when a girl makes anti-Asian comments yet lines her eyes in a way to try to look like one.


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