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August 4, 2004

The shows we played….

Subject: 90+ degrees sucks when you have no a/c in your car.
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Let’s see here… two weeks ago… Oh yeah. Remy’s in Harrisburg, PA. Had a good time and Shelly from Black Thorn Entertainment is always a sweetheart. The main things I remember about that show was the cheap beer in tall glasses and the Hardee’s next door. I haven’t been to a Hardee’s since I lived in Ohio. You don’t understaaaand now do you?! I had my birthday party there back in the 80s. And did you know they serve ice cream there now? I mean real ice cream in a case. Word.

Two Fridays ago was the show in Baltimore at the Royal. I think some people were a little worried about whether there would be much of a crowd. There were a couple of big shows going on the same night and two of the bands canceled. One broke up and the other was sick. Life happens sometimes. But we had a hella great time with a Freudian Slip and there weren’t any problems with us having a crowd there. aFS was 98 Rock’s NIB Band of the Month and so that definitely helped since the show was being promo’d every Sunday of that month. 🙂 We love those guys and we shall be doing more shows together. Oh and Ray Ray from the Mayan Factor was cool enough to come in very last minute and do an acoustic set. Here’s a pic my roommate Cait took of us at the Royal.

Aww yeah… White is the new Black.

This past Friday was all about the fairs. We did the Delaware State Fair and I got to see an elephant! Lemme tell you that Kevin does not mess around. A normally 3 hour ride there took ohhh about an hour and a half with him driving haha. We all met Brad there because he was already in the area. His mom lives closeby so he crashed there Thursday night and did an interview Friday morning for x106.9 FM. Right after we were done we couldn’t stick around for Another Lincoln or Goldmind Squad unfortunately. We were headin’ back to MD to play the Harford County Farm Fair. We have a great time playin’ "Hazard County". The people there are always great and plus everyone in the band ‘cept for me lives there. So not only was it a fun time to play there but me and Bryan went to see the roosters, bunnies, geese, ducks, etc. But at this point things were blurry. I think the combination of not getting enough sleep, the heat, driving, and playing back to back made me tired like whoah. I hadn’t drank at all that day but by the time I got home the room was spinning, I was seeing spots, and I thought I saw animated spiders crawling on my bathroom wall. I crashed and got 14 hours of sleep. Just enough to play the Vault on Saturday haha.

Saturday was our show with Sonodara, who had their CD Release party that day. Those two chicas are awesome! Of course I couldn’t enjoy the show as much as I would have because I lost my friggin’ cell phone. Turns out it fell outta my purse when I was at the McD’s down the street before the show. Woops. Luckily an employee there was nice enough to save it for me so I got it the next day.

So now we don’t have another show for a couple weeks. Which is odd. Because we usually play on the weekends (and when we don’t I’m out at other band’s shows) I am so out of the whole loop when it comes to clubs. I don’t know what the "hot spots" are to go to anymore. Someone should help me out. This weekend I just wanna dance, be stupid, and drink.

We are workin’ on some new stuff and a cover that you might be a lil’ bit surprised that we are doing if you even remember that song. But how could you forget? It rocks. Anyways, more on that some other time.

August 3, 2004

Chopped Liver

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I don’t fake and bake. I don’t line my lips with darker liner than my lipstick so that I have pretend puffy lips. (I thought that trend went out in ’97 anyways). I’m not blonde and in fact I tried it once and I look horrible with it. I don’t push my pants down so half my underwear shows. I don’t talk in an unnaturally high and obnoxvious voice. I didn’t date anyone in my band to get in it. I don’t separate my eyelashes to perfection. I don’t have a rooster hairstyle that I claim is a "faux hawk". I believe if a chick wants a mohawk, she should shave the sides of her hair. I don’t post half naked pics of myself on myspace that I took in my bathroom and then claim to be a model. I guess this makes me chopped liver.
Oh and I also think it’s lame when a girl makes anti-Asian comments yet lines her eyes in a way to try to look like one.